Is your favourite lipstick running out? In this day and age, everything can be found online, even local makeup, which is actually better now compared to how it was 10 years ago. Now, we are spoilt for choice and have quite a few brands and products that make you hella proud to say “yeap, that’s made in the Philippines.”

If you are looking to buy “made in the Philippines”, here are the 10 local makeup brands you can order online. Your favourite products are just a few clicks away.

1. BLK Cosmetics

Local Makeup Brands Philippines | BLK Cosmetics
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As a brand founded by one of the top female celebrities here in the Philippines, people might seem more skeptical if their product would work. Honestly, this brand doesn’t disappoint. We love all the blk matte lipsticks shades, contour palette, and the powder foundations.

Price: ranges from 249 to 499 Php

2. Suesh

Local Makeup Brands Philippines | Suesh
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This local makeup brand literally has it all — down from makeup palettes, to concealer pots, and even to ring lights. Suesh is a go-to brand for aspiring makeup artists that won’t break the bank but still delivers quality items.

Price: ranges from 90 to 627 Php

3. Happy Skin

Local Makeup Brands Philippines | Happy Skin
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Happy Skin is the only “luxe” cosmetics brand in the Philippines. They boast of skin-friendly products and come up with fun collabs every now and then. Our fave has got to be their Sanrio collection!

Price: ranges from 149 to 1299 Php

4. Colourette Cosmetics

Local Makeup Brands Philippines | Colourette
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Colouerette is a local brand that creates lip products perfect for Filipina skin. The shades are to die for. We’d say this is a brand to watch out for because everything they have so far, we love!

Price: ranges from 199 to 499 Php

5. Pink Sugar

Local Makeup Brands Philippines | Pink Sugar
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Pink Sugar is known for their “our lil’ secret” concealer, which has been said to provide coverage under the eyes without creasing. This bestseller is one of the products to have on your beauty case. The liquid lipsticks are also a must-buy because they come in flattering shades for all skin types.

Price: ranges from 249 to 900 Php

6. Human Nature

Local Makeup Brands Philippines | Human Nature
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Human Nature is a brand that delivers on all fronts. Their products are organic, affordable, and support a social cause. Have you seen their mineral eyeshadow palette and powders? Their lip, eye, and cheek products are a must-try!

Price: ranges from 99.75 to 495 Php

7. Ellana Mineral Cosmetics

Local Makeup Brands Philippines | Ellana Mineral Cosmetics
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Ellana has been slaying the mineral makeup world with their mineral face powders because they work so well on oily skin. It has been tried and tested to last on oily-skinned girls under the hot weather of the Philippines. Aside from that, it’s also good for your skin!

Price: ranges from 199 to 799 Php

8. Celeteque

Local Makeup Brands Philippines | Celeteque
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Celeteque’s white and blue packaging screams skincare but that is also their biggest advantage. Their recently-launched makeup line is infused with skincare benefits making it good for everybody’s skin. We recommend you try everything, they’re budget-friendly, after all.

Price: ranges from 269 to 845 Php

9. VMV Hypoallergenics

Local Makeup Brands Philippines | VMV Hypoallergenics
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VMV is one of the many success stories younger local brands look up to as they have reached the worldwide market. They are known for their gentle cleansers and moisturizers but they have also ventured into base products. We particularly love their face powders!

Price: ranges from 750 to 3000 Php

10. Nichido

Local Makeup Brands Philippines | Nichido
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Nichido is one of those dirt-cheap local brands you’d never believe would work. Their final powder has said to be a dupe for the Laura Mercier loose powder. Aside from that they also have tools to complete your makeup arsenal.

Price: ranges from 49 to 599 Php

These brands proved that the Filipino beauty industry is on the rise. Looking for beauty deals like these ones? You can purchase all these at either Zalora, Lazada, or their own websites. You can expect better and bigger discounts of these cosmetics on different online shops with this year’s ShopFest. The biggest Shopping Festival of 2018 will give you the best vouchers on local makeup and more!

What is your favourite local makeup brand? Let us know in the comments.