Samgyup at home? Yes please!


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Apart from talented actors and romantic stories, one of the reasons why a lot of Pinoys are obsessed with Korea and K-dramas is because of their cuisine. Korean food is comfort food to many, and since the boom of Korean pop culture in the Philippines, a lot of Korean restaurants have sprouted in the metro. But since we’re all staying within the confines of our homes to avoid the dreaded virus, it became a challenge to dine in and eat at our go-to K-restos.



The good news is that Platinum Food Service, an online grocery that sells all your Korean food needs, is here to satisfy your K-cravings! Here are some of the K-treats you can order from home:



soju cocktail


Imagine making your own soju cocktails at home.. With Platinum Food Service’s wide selection of soju drinks, it’s no longer an imagination. This Soju Original Chumchurum in particular is one of the best-sellers as it can be used in any type of soju cocktail recipe that you’re planning to make in your kitchen bar.



milkis drink


Who misses going straight to the nearest Korean convenience store when you’re craving for Milkis during work hours? Everyone, right? Ok, maybe not all, but a lot! Since it’s not safe to just go out anytime you want during the community quarantine, you may want to consider ordering your Milkis online. 



Samyang Cheese Bowl

spicy noodle challenge


Let’s admit it: the spicy noodle challenge is soooo damn old. But since we’re all just staying at home, you may want to consider doing it. Ok, we all know it’s baduy as hell, but it could actually be a way to bond with your family. If you haven’t tried the Samyang Cheese Bowl from Platinum Food Service, you’re definitely missing out, bud! If you ain’t doing anything tomorrow night, set up a game night with your fam and include the spicy noodle challenge in your lineup. FYI: Milk eases the pain of eating spicy food, so make sure you have your milk with ya before doing this ‘baduy-but-who-cares-it’s-fun’ challenge!


Hai-Tai Mojito n Lime

mojito lemon bar


Mojito fans, rejoice! This Hai-Tai Mojito n Lime from Platinum Food Service is crazy good! If you’re in search of mojito bars that have all the playful flavors of mojito in one chewy, lemon bar—this is absolutely the 1! Its fun and playful Korean-produced ingredients will surely make you eat more than what you need! Hey, it’s okay to have cheat days!


CJ Gochujang Paste

samgyup paste


Having samgyup at home is not complete without the classic CJ Gochugang Paste! This paste, also known as the Korean spicy red chilli paste, is widely used in all kinds of Korean food to bring out their natural flavors. This spicy paste will undoubtedly make your at-home samgyups more pleasurable and delightful!


Can’t find what you’re looking for? Platinum Food Service has a wide selection of Korean goods that you can order through ShopBack! 

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