Throughout the start of the pandemic, you’ve probably equipped your bedroom with essentials to keep you sane. But what about your kitchen? A kitchen is considered to be the heart of the home. It is a place where we cook, eat, and gather. Most likely, your current arsenal has been around for ages and requires a replacement.

Eat Porridge, Live Forever: The History of Porridge To Go –

Looking to have a complete kitchen overhaul? From fancy kitchenware to cookware, level up your quarantine dining experience with kitchen essentials that will surely satisfy your inner tita.

‘Non-stick’ for the tita who’s afraid of commitment:

This non-stick cooking casserole can be used for all types of cooking. It’s super safe to use with an open flame and cleans gently with a sponge and dishwashing liquid.


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One cup is not enough to spill the tea, Auntie:

This tea set will add an extra dose of love at your next quarantea party.


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Because you’re not just a tita, you’re a cool tita:

The Zyne plate charger works well with your utensils and plates at home. It catches pieces of food and prevents spills and messes that would stain the tablecloth.


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A serving tray for the tita who’s always serving looks:

This serving tray is made by the hands of local craftsmen. It’s made of abaca and can be used as a kitchen tray or a decorative display.


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A fabric placemat set for the stylish tita:

This fabric placemat set is great when you’re looking to add a bit of accent to your dining table.


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For the old soul and potterhead tita:

This vintage glass goblet is perfect for desserts like fruit salad, ice cream, as well as yogurt.


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Porcelain cutlery set for the tita with porcelain skin:

Okay, we’re kidding. It doesn’t matter if you have porcelain skin or not, this cutlery set will surely make your dining experience worthwhile.


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For the tita who’s obsessed with finger foods:

These ceramic snack bowls are great for snack assortment during your movie nights at home.


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