Personalized gifts are the most thoughtful gifts you can get for a loved one. Photo albums may be a little old school but a few creative tweaks can turn them into precious keepsakes. Whether you recreate them into handmade scrapbooks or professionally edited memories on paper, they become reminders of treasured relationships and moments. Photo albums become gifts worth giving on any occasion.

If you need help in your personalization project, Photobook Worldwide can lend you a hand. Printing on canvas, paper, cards, metal, phone cases, and accessories is their expertise. With mobile and website applications that allow you to create and edit your own photo keepsakes, they help you do the bulk of the work. All you have to do is to provide the images on your preferred layout!

ShopBack puts together a list of 9 gifts you can create. Read on and perhaps, order one as a gift for your family or friends.

Travel Books

Photobook Worldwide travel book
Image Credits: Photobook Worldwide

TWe often snap photographs to retain the moments on our travels. Most of the time, our photos are uploaded onto our social media and viewed by many. However, turning these memories into a book that you can display on your coffee table or personal library gives them an added value and one that’s closer to the heart.

Personalized Travelgram books can be made by Photobook Worldwide for you. They come in an 8” x 8” small square with debossed, softcover and image wrap covers.

Flush Mount Album

Flush Mount albums from Photobook Philippines.
Image Credits: Photobook Worldwide

For printed photos you wish to last a lifetime, flush mount albums are good options. They make a good wedding, birthday, or annual company photobook with their dense and crease-resistant pages.

Professionally made debossed or couture covers complete with sophisticated drawstring bags can tie the whole album up into a premium giveaway. Mix and match colors and textures to create an album that shows your personality.

Personalized Sticker Photos and Labels

Photobook Worldwide's sticker labels
Image Credits: Photobook Worldwide

Use photo stickers as labels for personal belongings, greeting cards or on your pinboard. You can use them to decorate scrapbooks, too. With many ways to use them, customized stickers are perfect gifts for those who are into bullet journaling or scrapbooking.

Photobook Worldwide prints photo and label stickers in your preferred size and shape. You can even have blank ones sent to you, so you can customize them yourself. Ready stock of stickers also allows you to customize a plain envelope in light of last-minute letters.



Customizable bookmarks from Photobook Worldwide
Image Credits: Photobook Worldwide

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves to read but is unsure which book to give, bookmarks are a good solution. Personalized bookmarks with quotes from famous authors or paperback covers are some ideas you can use in your design.

One-sided and back-to-back prints, in both single and multiple designs are available at Photobook Worldwide. These 2” x 6” bookmarks are made from thick fine art card paper. Choose from available patterns to create your unique bookmark.


Photobook Worldwide Notebook customized by customers
Image Credits: Photobook Worldwide

Even at this digital age, we’ll all need pen and paper at some point. Make every note written by your dear ones a reminder of your moments spent together. Let every glimpse of the cover leave a smile on their faces!

For those that prefer a hardcover version, Photobook Worldwide offers a Premium Notebook edition. The Photobook Designer software allows you to create your own notebook cover with their templates. Choose between lined or plain pages for the notebook. After working your magic, just place your order, and wait for the items to be delivered to your address within a week.

Photo Pillows

Photobook Worldwide photo pillows
Image Credits: Photobook Worldwide

Why not give personalized and functional presents your loved ones can snuggle with? No one can resist soft and huggable pillows, especially if they have sentimental values. They also make a welcoming impression on guests when they visit.

You can gift 16” x 16” polyester covered pillows to display in the living room or cuddle with in the bedroom. Each order comes with a polyester-filled cushion, and the covers are machine washable for a hassle-free experience. A limited-time 50% discount can be availed on home decor items including photo pillows using a ShopBack exclusive promo code.

Metal Prints

Photobook Worldwide metal prints for home decor
Image Credits: Photobook Worldwide

Contemporary home decors and table toppers, metal prints have vibrant and high definition colors. With moisture and stain resistant properties, do away with the usual glass frames and simply hang them on the wall or clip them by a table stand. These metal prints can make home interiors even more awe-inspiring when they display personal photos.

Photobook Worldwide prints on metal sheets in Panoramic, Landscape, Portrait, Square and Mini layouts. You can also order prints of more than one photo in 5” x 5” square metal plates. A 40% discount is being offered on this option right now, so grab them while you can!

Canvas Prints

Photobook Worldwide Canvas prints mounted on the wall
Image Credits: Photobook Worldwide

Turn captured moments into indoor picturesque portraits. Hang them on walls in framed or unframed canvas. Family portraits look good inside the living room, while photos documenting children growing up years make good wall decors inside the kids’ rooms. Travel and wedding shots can beautify minimalist bedrooms.

These canvas prints at Photobook Worldwide are then mounted on high-density foam boards. The output comes out lightweight yet sturdy and with moisture-resistant quality. Ordering via the ShopBack mobile app entitles you to up to 13% cashback and other limited-time partnership offers.


Photobook Worldwide customixable Calendar showing the month of January
Image Credits: Photobook Worldwide

Aesthetic calendars are highly sought after as 2018 approaches. Make yourself and the recipients of your personalized calendars look forward to each month or week with timeless moments on pictures.

Photobook Worldwide calendars come in different sizes and template designs. From desk calendars to wall calendars, check out the many offers on the site. Get up to 70% discounts on bulk purchases, especially useful for people with a large family, have a wide social circle or if you are printing a memento for your company.

Give your personal touch on the gifts you give and turn them into special mementos. Besides the 9 options listed, there are a wide range of items to customise, including tumblers, luggage tags, coasters and more! Unleash your creativity and print your keepsake presents through Photobook Worldwide.

Featured Image Credits: Photobook Worldwide