First of all, what does hypebeast mean? Or, who is a hypebeast? What is hypebeast?

“Hypebeast” is a slang terminology used to refer to someone who is an avid fan (wears or collects) of the latest introductions of streetwear brands. And by streetwear brands, we mean labels dedicated or catering to the sub-cultures of surfing, punk, hip hop, pop, skateboarding and many others.

Staples usually include stylish, genre-specific, limitedly produced, comfortable, and casual t-shirts, hoodies, loose tracksuits, knee-length shorts, trainers, and slip-on.

The concept originated in the US and was considered alternative or “hipster” in the olden days. But with huge labels such as Stussy and Supreme becoming global, the hypebeast concept and style have gone far from what it used to be. Emerging labels here in Asia have even captured the hearts of hypebeast fashionistas all over the globe. Here are some of the labels with some serious following.

11 Asian Street Wear Brands for Hypebeasts


depression tribe hypebeast
Image Credit: Instagram | @depression.tribe

DEPRESSION is a Singaporean streetwear brand specializing in unisex pieces as a tip of the hat to no-segregate fashion and art. This label debuted in Kuala Lumpur and Berlin Fashion Week and is now present in Singapore, France, Japan, and Hong Kong.

2. SBTG Surplus & Co.

sbtg hypebeast
Image Credit: Instagram | @sbtg_official

SBTG began as a shoe label customizing footwear for big personalities like Kobe Bryant and Mike Shinoda. As the word about the designs spread, SBTG Surplus & Co. expanded its showcases to apparel. It even has collaborations with Nike and has a huge clientele in Japan.

3. Undercover

Image Credit: Instagram | @undercover_lab

Undercover is the godfather of streetwear fashion in Japan. The UK punk-inspired label was born in Tokyo and has been a leading source of luxe sportswear and over the top graphic tees since the 90s. Undercover was founded by Jun Takahashi.


Image Credit: Instagram | @deblancofficial

Low key street stylish is DEBLANC’s battle cry in the world of fashion. Its limited-quantity collections are present in Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, and Malaysia. If you’re looking to find one artist sporting this brand, check out Khalid.

5. Die Hard Lover (DHL)

Image Credit: Instagram | @dhl_diehardlover

Die Hard Lover incorporates the very essence of its name in its collection pieces. Apart from apparel, exclusive designs of necklaces and bags are also available at DHL.

This streetwear label was started by Oak & Bindi (or Lydia Yang) in Singapore.


Image Credit: Instagram | @bape_us

Another respected streetwear and luxe sportswear brand is BAPE that originated in Tokyo, Japan.

BAPE began in Ura-Harajuku in 1993 and was founded by Tomoaki Nagao. It is known for its bold camouflage designs on shark hoodies (the ones you see that zip up to the wearer’s face), sneakers, graphic tees, toys, and fashion accessories. BAPE even has collections for kids!

7. Cruddy

Image Credit: Instagram | @crudddddy

For an Asian streetwear label with both street style and comical personality, take a look at Cruddy by Vanessa Han. Cruddy shirts come with slightly vulgar yet light feel designs. They highlight the messy and rebellious side of pop culture.


Image Credit: Instagram | @wtaps_store

WTAPS reads as “double taps”, just like the military terminology. It is a Japanese streetwear brand specializing in utilitarian styled clothing in baggy and loose fits and lots of camos and army green. From time to time, WTAPS also introduces preppy elevated fashion pieces in its collections.

9. Hancai Clothing

Image Credit: Instagram | @hancaiclothing

This is a streetwear fashion brand with free-spirited concepts. The designs are artistically edgy and expressive. Head accessories such as caps and hats are also available to complete your hypebeast look.

10. Supercrew

Image Credit: Instagram | @ supercrewsg

Black and white may be monotoned but never out of style, especially on Supercrew designs. This Singaporean label began in Kuala Lumpur in 2013 is a dedicated label to artists, dancers, and DJs.

11. Don’t Blame The Kids Apparel Co.

Image Credit: Instagram | @dontblamethekids

Don’t Blame The Kids Apparel Co. is a Filipino clothing and lifestyle brand aiming to change the perception of society on kids through unique, quality designs with straightforward and inspirational messages. Their collections include collaborative designs with labels, apparel, footwear, accessories, stickers, and tickets.

New to the Hypebeast Scene? Don’t fret. There are really good reasons why it’s a good thing despite the slightly pricey maintenance:

Image Credit: Unsplash | @jtylernix
  • Given that fashion is dynamic, it needs maintenance.
  • It gives the bearer a sense of self and belongingness in a world where the retail market is saturated with the same motifs.
  • Brands pride its country of origin, as well as inspiring sub-culture/s.
  • The pieces are of high-quality standard in design and material.
  • Streetwear labels provide a space for emerging and talented designers and entrepreneurs in an otherwise big-label monopolized industry.
  • It paves way for self-expression.
  • Street style turns heads and triggers conversation.
  • It is a platform where the not so frequently heard are heard and the not so frequently seen are seen.
  • It breaks down boundaries and builds bridges for those untapped by mainstream fashion and media, e.g. bloggers, influencers, comic artists, graphic designers, fashion designers, emerging artists, aspiring stylists, etc.

Whether you’re looking to wear, design, style, sell, promote, or showcase the hypebeast look, we hope this list has been helpful to you.

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Which Asian streetwear label has caught your eye? Do you have a favourite hypebeast fashion item? Share your picks with us in the comments below!