Travel conveniently and hassle-free with these nifty ride-hailing tips for Grab users!

Image credit: @grab_ph | Instagram

Put off by the long snaking queues at the taxi stand? Or tired of flailing your arms in desperate attempts to flag down a taxi? Thanks to Grab, life has become so much easier for us all!

Whether it is your first time using Grab or a regular Grab user, here are 6 ride-hailing tricks that will help you maximise the Grab app to its full potential!

1. Go Cashless

Go cashless with Grab

Image credit: @grab_ph | Instagram

Grab’s cashless payment is one of its most useful features. Forget about having to dig out wads of crumpled notes and coins to pay your taxi driver. Simply key in your credit card details into the payment settings and you are all set. Alternatively, if you are skeptical about sharing your credit card details, there is always the option to purchase and pay with their GrabPay credits.

2. Save Your Frequent Routes

Save Your Frequent Routes

Image credit: Verine Ling

Find yourself heading to the same shopping mall regularly with Grab? Saving your frequent travel routes in Grab will make booking your subsequent rides much faster. Simply go to the side tab and click on History. Thereafter, save your frequent routes by tapping the star next to it. This trip will be saved under your Favorites, along with the payment method and type of service used. Subsequently, all you have to do is to go into Favorites and book your Grab ride with a single tap!

3. Google Your Grab Ride

Google For Your Grab Ride

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Came across somewhere interesting online and thinking how to get there? Well, you can conveniently book your Grab ride straight through Google! All you have to do it to type “Grab to <location>” in your Google search bar and you can book your ride straight from search results! The next time you come across some newly-opened fancy restaurant, simply Google how to grab there and go!

4. Enter More Than One Drop-Off Location

Enter More Than One Drop Off Location on your Grab Taxi App

Image credit: Verine Ling

If you are heading home with a friend, you can simply indicate two drop-off locations on Grab! Being the magnanimous friend that you are, you can even choose to drop your friend off first. Simply tap on the small two-way button to switch the sequence of the drop-offs!

5. Separate Work And Play

Separate Work And Play on Grab Taxi App

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If you are regular user of Grab, you can actually separate your personal rides from your business trips by adding the appropriate tag to it! Label your rides as “Business” or “Personal” while waiting for your ride to arrive or do it from the History tab. Moreover, you can also add in a short trip description which might come in handy in future!

6. Look Out For Deals!

We all love sweet deals every now and then. While Grab might flood your inbox with numerous updates and news, be sure to check Grab’s notifications inbox regularly. After all, you definitely do not want to miss out on their incredible deals from time to time. Simply head over to the Notifications tab on the left side menu and you might find amazing deals on your Grab rides or even win some freebies!

With drivers in various cities such as Metro Manila, Cebu City and Baguio City, you can easily Grab a ride to almost any part of Philippines! In addition to the regular deals and discounts offered, ShopBack Philippines gives you P5.00 cashback when you book your ride through the ShopBack app! These nifty ride-hailing tricks will certainly help you get your Grab ride much more effortlessly while saving on those pesos as well!!