A lot of freelancers have been working remotely for years but there are still many who are new to the set-up. Most were even introduced to it out of government mandate due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you’re one of those and are still looking to make your workplace more conducive, here are some tips and a list of remote work essentials you should invest in.

How to Make Working from Home More Conducive from Someone Who’s Been Doing It for Years

11 Tips for People Who Work from Home

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1. A stable (hopefully fast) and reliable internet connection is of utmost importance. Without it, working from home is impossible. Remote work is VIRTUAL.

2. You need a working laptop or PC. It’s just as important as your internet connection.

3. Find a spot where you can work undisturbed and undistracted. A quiet corner in your bedroom or kitchen will do if you don’t have a home office or study room.

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4. Set a working schedule. You can dedicate a straight 8-hour shift if that works best for you or if that’s what your clients or company demand. If you’re lucky and can have a flexible schedule, you can split your hours based on your daily routines.

5. Set ground rules for when you’re going to respond to emails, calls, or chat messages. You don’t want to end up doing only those the whole day

6. Don’t forget to take breaks. Eat. Hydrate. Look at an object 20 meters away from you for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. Go to the bathroom if you need to!

7. Move, move, move! Sitting on a chair the whole day will ruin your posture, metabolism, and overall health.

8. Socialize. Do not limit your life to the virtual world. There’s a real-world out there. Enroll in a gym class or meet up with friends from time to time.

9. For the rare occasions, you need to go on video calls, put on decent clothes. Don’t forget to wear pants.

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10. Don’t have kids or noisy people in the house. Kidding. That’s not possible for all so investing in a pair of noise-cancelling headphones would be advisable. Speaking of which…

11. Invest on the right and good quality work from home essentials.

10 Home Office Essentials

1. Noise-Cancelling Headphones with Mic

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As I said, our surroundings and company at home can get loud. These are essentials for online meetings.

2. Flexible and Movable Desk Lamp

For night when you can’t turn on the light because there’s someone else in the room or you want to work on bed, a clip-on or movable desk lamp is recommended.

3. Mouse

There will be times when your fingers will get tired of gliding on the track pad so having a mouse available can give your carpals a break.

4. Desk Calendar

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While you already have a digital clock and calendar on your desktop, it helps to have a calendar you can write on for long-term deadlines and side projects.

5. Notebook

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If a desk calendar doesn’t suit you, a notebook where you can jot down notes might.

6. Sticky Notes

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And if notebooks still don’t work for you, try post-its for important reminders.

7. Desk Fan

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A tropical country like ours is in an eternal summer. Sometimes, a stand fan or the air conditioner is just not enough. You need a desk fan. Plus, this helps prevent your laptop from overheating.

8. Aroma Diffuser

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Aromatherapy helps in boosting your energy for work and in relaxing you when you get stressed.

9. Massage Ball

Muscles tend to get tight when you sit or maintain one position for hours. A massage ball can help ease the tightness on any body part you use it on, especially the hands, feet, knees, and lower back. Just make sure you apply the right amount of pressure.

10. Office Chair Cushion

Spine support is truly essential for all office workers, home or not. It lessens the pressure we unconsciously put on our back and neck while we face the computer.

Working from home can be a challenge but once you have the essentials and established a routine, it’ll be a piece of cake. For those who have been doing it for years, it’s just another regular day.