For those who are in need of a warm summer vacation but have a hard time choosing between Lombok or Bali, we’re here to help. Well, they are both exciting and amazing destinations to travel to depending on your personal travel needs and wants. However, you’ll want to continue reading to find out which destination suits you more!

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Budget for Flights and Accommodations

outdoor swimming pool in bali with tree
Image Credit: Nel Bali Photography | Unsplash

In recent years, tourism in Bali has hiked tremendously as she emerges as the top choice for tourists who are looking for a tropical retreat. With beach clubs scattered along the coastline and Insta-worthy photo spots, Bali has earnt its position as a tropical paradise. And with the influx of tourists, the prices here are hiked as compared to Bali.

By contrast, Lombok lies on the other end of the spectrum. As it is less popular and relatively serene in comparison to Bali, the prices here are also lower on average. An affordable hostel in Bali will cost around ₱700 – ₱1800 per night whereas it will only set you back at ₱500 – ₱750 in Lombok.

While Lombok may be slightly cheaper on the accommodation side, Bali is more affordable flight wise. Lombok will cost about ₱28,000 while it will only cost ₱13,000 to Bali for a return flight. The prices listed are for departure from Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport, so be sure to check out the other airports to more flight fares!


Indonesian cuisine displayed on wooden hardware
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While the food in Bali is a little more expensive than Lombok, the culinary experience is definitely worth every penny. Bali is mostly populated by the Hindu religion so it is likely that most of your meals will be served with pork as the main protein. Lombok also serves good food at cheap prices even though it may not be as refined as what you find in Bali.

roasted suckling pig
Image Credit: Pixabay | Pexels

Bali is popular for its Babi Guling (roasted suckling pig) that can only be found in that region. Lombok mostly serves dishes like Ayam Taliwang as the island is populated by Muslims. But other than that, look forward to satay, beef rendang, and even betutu (roasted chicken/duck)! Price-wise, you could get a meal for about ₱300 in Lombok while you would get it slightly more expensive in Bali for about ₱500. We encourage you to visit both islands to experience different speciality cuisines and understand the local food culture.


coast line of Bali with a red house
Image Credit: Gede WIrahadi Pradnyana | Unsplash

Bali is extremely popular for their white and black sand beaches, especially those in East Bali where it is less crowded. Towards the South of Bali, surfing spots are abundant and is a hot favourite amongst surfers. Other popular beaches include Canggu, Seminyak, Kuta, and Nusa Dua for a chill and relaxing time.

Image Credit: Jessica Joseph | Unsplash

Lombok’s coast is lined with pristine white sandy beaches like Mawun, Mawi, and Selong Belanak. Those who prefer a quiet retreat will like Lombok For those with time and a bigger budget, you can head to both places and decide on which is the one for you!


Image Credit: Oliver Sjostrom | Pexels

If you’re a nature lover, I recommend heading to North Bali as compared to the popular South. There are many opportunities to explore nature in areas like Jatilwatih, Lake Batur and Munduk. The rice fields in Tabanan are an amazing sight to take in and don’t forget to snap some photos of this magnificent sight!

monkey atop a rock in a jungle
Image Credit: Danny Postma | Unsplash

You can also expect jungles, waterfalls and rivers in Lombok with lots of chances to hike and trek through the trenches. Book day trips via Klook to visit nature without any hassle! Spot the hidden waterfalls in Lombok and check out nature on a whole new level!


night time by the beach with neon lights and parasols
Image Credit: Timo Wagner | Unsplash

Lombok may never beat the infamous nightlife in Bali, where the party never stops! The Seminyak area has a huge variety of bars and clubs lined up for tourists and locals to party the night away. The hot favourites are Potato Head, Ku De Ta, La Favela, Mirror, and Jenja and they are always filled to the brim. For a family-friendly night time activity, go for the Devdan show that features contemporary acrobatic dances.

As most locals in Lombok are Muslims, the nightlife here is relatively quieter. There are still cocktail bars and pubs along the beaches, but do note that drinks are more expensive here than in Bali. If you’re feeling tipsy after a few drinks, head over to the beach for a breezy stroll to freshen up!

Island Hopping/ Activities

two men holding surfboards at the beach
Image Credit: Daria Lisovtsova | Unsplash

Indonesia is well-known for having some of the best surfing spots in Asia. In Bali alone, there have been 3 surfing spots – Kuta Beach, Uluwatu and Keramas – that have hosted surfing competition. For beginners, we recommend checking out Legian Beach, or even Kuta Beach where the waters are more restrained. Sign up for surf classes for Beginners at Legian Beach for only ₱415 Klook to kickstart your surf journey.

Lombok has more remote surfing areas like the legendary Desert Point at Gerupuk. It is more expensive to take up surf classes in Lombok as it is less popular. However, this really depends on what water sports you are taking up and also the duration.

Ultimately, it really depends on what you value or look for in the trip. Be it a nature getaway, a surfing trip, a chill and relax beach vacation or even the clubs, both islands have something unique to offer. If possible, I strongly recommend checking out both islands and let us know your favourite!

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