With social media bombarding us with updates on the coming national elections, it is not so difficult for anyone with decent internet access to to keep up on the state of Philippine political affairs. Clearly, the anticipated Philippine elections happening in May is going to be quite a showdown with all the mudslinging and grandstanding have already reached an elevated pitch.


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We, the voters, are standing right in the middle of the political white noise, deliberating on candidates deserving of our vote. A lot has been said about the Pinoy voters’ predilection to elect unworthy trapos to critical government positions, leading to the countries stunted growth and performance, but today, the millennials actually have the opportunity to effect some reforms.

So how do we vote wisely and make our votes count – finally?

Know What Positions Are Being Voted For – Stepping into the voting precinct not knowing exactly what positions are up for grabs is one of the stupidest things you can commit come election day. The last presidential elections were held in 2010, which means that this year, a president and a vice president will be decided on by the people along with a dozen senators, congressmen and party list members. Going deeper into the community grassroots, voters will also select their bets for the local government positions in cities and or municipalities. 

Know the Candidates -Knowing what seats are open is a good start, but the bigger task is doing a little bit of research on the candidates’ political background. And by research, we mean going beyond their colourful ads and TV spots. It also helps to have some discussions with friends as they may have access to certain information that could help you in your decision, and vice-versa.

Make Your List (Check it Twice) – Through your research and observation, you would have already decided who is naughty and who is nice. To make it easier for you to remember the names of all your bets, pen your draft list in a handy sheet of paper that you can bring with you to your corresponding voting precinct. Writing down the full names of your choices will be a deterrent to voting the wrong candidate.

Know How to Vote – Voting rules and guidelines change quite often, and it is a good idea to educate yourself in the procedure. The Internet is your dear friend in this. There  will also be instructional videos released before the election to guide voters.

There you go, some handy tips to make sure you vote wisely. At the end of the day, we all want great leaders who can propel Philippines to greater economic heights, so make your vote count!

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