Rocking a purple or green head full of hair is no more something out of the ordinary. From unicorn to fiery red hair, both guys and girls are totally digging this style, after all, your hair is the most important accessory you’ve got – apart from your smile of course – so why not flaunt it right? 😉

Well, 2018’s here, and that means that trends are going for a spin and so we’ve listed down some of the colour hair trends for this season to help you decide what style you should rock this year.

1. Classy Balayage

Caramel, brown balayage
Image Credit: Taylor Bryant | Unsplash

If you’re wondering what’s the difference between balayage and your usual highlights, the former is done using freehand and does not require precision and the use of foils unlike the latter. Balayage is, in fact, a French word and is defined as paint or sweep, which explains the technique used.

For those of you who have been wanting to dye your hair for some time now, but are too afraid of damaging it, the balayage is a perfectly balanced choice.

2. Rose Gold

Rose gold hair ombre
Image Credit: Ashley Jiang | Unsplash

Torn between getting a gorgeous pastel or a popping red, afraid of the maintenance or if you will be able to pull it off? Well then rose gold is the answer to all your problems. After all, it is one hell of a gorgeous colour and anybody could flaunt it, regardless of hair type, skin tone, and fashion style and it isn’t really that hard to maintain either.

3. Shiny Silver

Metallic silver hair
Image Credit: Frank Cordoba | Unsplash

Well having white/silver hair is not something to be ashamed of anymore, because people are literally paying to go silver these days. That being said, in 2018 fashionistas forecast a new addition to the wagon, *drum roll*, metallic silver hair!

Jack Howard, a famous colourist hailing from a reputable studio in London, stated that metallic colors are going to be the next big thing. So if you’re feeling like going completely nuts with your hair, then we suggest you go metallic ASAP. After all, it would be flattering to be the first few to rock a style before it becomes a trend.

4. Go Bold or Go Home

Purple and blue ombre hair
Image Credit: Dmitriy | Ilkevich | Unsplash

How about straying away from the usual and going for a bolder look? Well, we thought so too. I mean how could you possibly say no to these vibrant colours. If you’re not one for a single colour then mix a few different colours together to create a completely different ombre look.

While it may seem outrageous to have hair painted as a watercolour palette, these shades are not only beautiful but are so much fun to wear. You won’t go unnoticed.

5. Soft Blonde

Soft blonde hair
Image Credit: Colin Maynard | Unsplash

While blonde and platinum created such a hype last year, this year hairstylists decided to blend these two to create a heavenly pearl blonde colour. This soft colour is perfect for all occasions, will most certainly work well with your entire wardrobe, and dare I say that it looks almost professional.

6. Mulled Wine

Mulled red wine colour hair
Image Credit: Stefan Stefancik | Unsplash

Blending the right amount of burgundy and red creates this ethereal mulled wine red colour, which beautifully complements dark skin tones as well as pale skin. Now most of us probably have a love-hate relationship with red hair dye, considering how difficult the after-care is. However, if you’re completely up for the challenge then this colour should definitely be on the top of your list!

Well, I hope we’ve convinced you enough to go a little – if not totally – crazy with your hair in 2018. After all, New Year means it’s time for a New You, right? For those of you, who would prefer dyeing your hair by yourself, then head over to Lazada or Watsons to get your own box dye! Don’t forget to shop through Shopback for a chance to score up to 9.0% cashback!