A tropical island adorned by natural and artificial wonders, Ilocos is one of the best destinations in the Philippines that you need to visit. From the iconic Bangui windmills to renowned UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Ilocos Norte is an extraordinary place that you need to visit.

Getting to Ilocos Norte

While you can get there by air and sea, the best way is to take an overnight bus that will get you to Ilocos Norte’s capital, Laoag City in approximately eight hours. Tickets from Farinãs Transit are available from ₱700+ and you get a whole list of departure timings to choose from.

Getting around Ilocos Norte

If you have a driving license, feel free to rent a car to get around town. Alternatively, cheap transport options like tricycles are also available.

What to do in Ilocos Norte

Visit the Bangui Windmills

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A gorgeous sight to behold as you enjoy a scenic drive along the beach, the towering windmills are pretty magnificent. A quintessential spot in almost every tour to Ilocos Norte tour, the views (and photos) are best enjoyed at sunset. And beyond the photogenic purposes of the windmills, they actually generate power and electricity for the region so it’s the best of both worlds.

Visit the Blue Lagoon

You don’t have to travel to Ireland to visit the Blue Lagoon when Ilocos has a summer version of it. The Blue Lagoon is less populated as compared to the beaches of Boracay but still packs a punch. The glistening turquoise waters bring serenity to the soul, which makes Ilocos the perfect retreat away from the city’s bustle.

See the Paoay Church

Also known as the San Agustin Church, this is one of the oldest churches in the Philippines and dates back to the 17th Century. As one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, the massive baroque style architecture draws inspiration from Spanish, Chinese and Filipino history. So if you’re on a journey to learn about the history of the Philippines, this is the perfect place to start with.

Visit the Bantay Bell Tower

Photo: Brett Andrei | Unsplash

Besides the Paoay Church, the iconic Bantay Bell Tower in Bantay, Ilocos Sur dates back further to the 15th century. Back in the days, it was a popular date spot for loved-up couples to get the best vantage point for views of Vigan and Bantay. Entrance fees to the Bell Tower are on a donation basis and used to maintain the structural integrity of it.

Discover Malacañang of the North

The home of former President Ferdinand E. Marcos, the Malacañang of the North is a mansion by the beach with picturesque views. It has been transformed into a museum that depicts the turbulent political situation before a revolution in 1986. While this might pale in comparison to the Churches, it is still worth exploring if you are interested in political history.

Experience Rough Riding in Paoay Suba Sand Dunes

Fret not, you won’t have to drive the car. There will be a professional driver who will navigate you through the massive sand dunes as you enjoy a thrilling ride like never before. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even try out sandboarding after finishing your ride!

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