As we all stay at home to help flatten the curve, food delivery became a vital service for the many of us in quarantine. When we’re at home working or doing household chores, we can’t help but wonder what to eat next. On days when we feel tired of the usual lutong bahay, and we’re craving for pizza, milk tea, burgers, and cake – GrabFood is there to save the day. But just like many of you, we can’t help but wonder: what else can GrabFood offer?

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Whether you’re a hardcore GrabFood user or you’re ordering for the first time, this blog will help you answer that question. Here are the six GrabFood features you must know about:


6 GrabFood Features You Must Know About


  • Unlimited FREE Delivery (but for a limited time only)

Admit it or not: We Pinoys are a sucker for promos. The good news? A fast and easy food delivery service like GrabFood offers regular discounts and freebies to its millions of users in most areas of Metro Manila, and select areas in Rizal, Cavite, Laguna, Pampanga, and Cebu. Just recently, GrabFood rolled out its Unlimited FREE Delivery service to help Pinoys save money while satisfying their cravings. 

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Using the code UNLIFREEDEL, you can get free delivery for orders that are worth above P550!



  • Self pick-up

If you don’t know yet, GrabFood is not just all about food delivery. If you’re just relatively near your favorite restaurant but don’t want to queue for a long period of time, GrabFood’s self pick-up is the answer to your dilemma.

grabfood self pick-up

The self pick-up allows customers to order ahead of time and collect them in person with no delays. PS. This feature is also a good option for Pinoys who are already back in the office. Order ahead of time, skip the line, and save time!



  • Place multiple orders at a time

Recently introduced, food lovers like you can place concurrent orders that can be from the same or different restaurants and food stores.

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With this latest app feature from GrabFood, you no longer have to wait for an order to be delivered before you can place another one!  



  • Order for later

With all the limited number of riders and food stocks, it became harder to order food online. The answer? Order for later!

order for later grabfood

This is a good option for those who are swamped with workloads and household tasks for the day. Just schedule your order and wait for the food to be delivered at your preferred time. Currently, scheduling of orders is only available for specific food merchants.



  • Curated deals and recommendations

GrabFood uses an algorithm to recommend food stores you might like based on your previous activity. Say you’ve been ordering fast food for the past few days, GrabFood will curate a dedicated ‘Order Again’ list of all the fast-food stores you frequently order from.

Additionally, GrabFood also highlights new stores on the homepage. If you’re tired of your fast-food faves, you might want to consider ordering from the new ones! 



  • UP TO 7% CASHBACK!!!

Good news: GrabFood is now on ShopBack! What does it mean for you? If you’re a major foodie and you rely solely on GrabFood during quarantine, you can finally get your cravings with savings!

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How? It’s pretty simple! You just have to download the ShopBack app, search for GrabFood, and start ordering for food. Once done, you will receive up to 7% Cashback in return! That’s real money that you can withdraw once it’s tracked and approved. Learn more here. *Available on Shopback for Android only


Admittedly, it’s hard to keep track of all of GrabFood’s latest features, promos, and exciting food deals, so make sure to turn on your Grab notifications to be updated! Don’t forget to order through ShopBack to get Cashback!