GOMO is all you’ve ever wanted…


No more lagging data, there’s an easier way to enjoy games, movies, entertainment, and other mobile activities anywhere you are! Enhance your mobile experience with GOMO, a digital telco that offers 5G-ready SIM with no expiry data. How cool is that? If you’ve been contemplating getting a new sim card, now is a perfect time. With Shopee’s exciting payday sale on January 30, you’ll be able to score a massive deal which is the GOMO SIM with 40GB No Expiry


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Read on to find out why you should switch to GOMO:

GOMO is 5G ready

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GOMO is the OG 5G. In case you don’t know yet, 5G technology is the next generation of wireless internet connection that offers faster speed and more reliable internet connection than ever before. Wherever you are in the country, you can download your favorite music, visit your favorite sites, play games, and stream videos fast – much faster than you could with previous technology. 



GOMO has an all-in-one mobile app

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GOMO is the first fully digital telco brand that provides all connectivity needs in an all-in-one app. Everything you need is in their app, including registering for a promo, tracking your data and getting help.



GOMO has 40GB No Expiry Data



If you are the type of user who is very heavy on data, streams Netflix, plays mobile games, and prefers to have more control over your data allocation – then the GOMO SIM w/ 40GB No Expiry Data is the perfect SIM for you.



GOMO lets you convert data with ‘Mo Creds

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GOMO lets you do more by allowing you to transform your data into calls and texts through ‘Mo Creds. ‘Mo Creds are GBs that were converted into calls and texts. To successfully convert, just click the ‘Mo Creds button on your app, select your call or text pack, and confirm.


To know more about GOMO, visit https://www.gomo.ph/

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