Finding the right bag at the right price can be an arduous task – it’s either way out of your budget, the design is lacking, or simply of bad quality. Thankfully, GoBuy offers a wide range of affordable, well designed bags of great quality. Whether you’re looking for a casual everyday bag, or something more serious for the office, let ShopBack and GoBuy help you find your way to finding your dream bag.

Bags for women

Classic Front Zip Tassel Bag

Every woman needs a bag like this – the Classic Front Zip Tassel Bag is a versatile handbag that can be used for any occasion. From a night out on the town to catching that plane to your next whirlwind vacation, this classic bag will have you looking classy and elegant with ease.

Classic Front Zip Tassel BagOriginally ₱ 1129.00 | ₱ 1083.84 after Cashback

Fabulous Lady Bag with 2 Pouches

For all the inner Mary Poppins, this Fabulous Lady Bag will allow you to carry more items than you could ever imagine. Never will you be left without your make-up bag or your trusty portable charger anymore with a bag this huge!

Fabulous Lady Bag with 2 PouchesOriginally ₱ 1149.00 | ₱ 1103.04 after Cashback

Fashionable Flap Lock Bag

If you’re a fashionista in the making, but don’t just yet have the budget for an expensive branded bag, GoBuy’s Fashionable Flap Lock Bag will definitely make you look the part. As they say, fake it till you make. With a chic black leather finish, gold trims, and a tassel for that pop of color, this bag will never do you wrong.

Fashionable Flap Lock BagOriginally ₱ 998.00 | ₱ 958.08 after Cashback

Luxurious Tricolor Office Bag

If you’re a busy working woman who needs a bag that can keep all her documents, look no further than the Luxurious Tricolor Office Bag. This structured bag is large enough to fit A4 documents and has a unique and asymmetrical colour block design.

Luxurious Tricolor Office BagOriginally ₱ 998.00 | ₱ 958.08 after Cashback

Dazzling Student Backpack

Being a student doesn’t mean you have to put up with ugly polyester backpacks in gaudy colors, GoBuy wants to remedy that situation with their Dazzling Student Backpack. Made with tough black pleather, this sturdy yet chic backpack will allow you to carry all your books and study materials without worry.

Dazzling Student BackpackOriginally ₱ 998.00 | ₱ 958.08 after Cashback

Circular Pattern Design Shoulder Bag

If you’re a fan of something minimal, look no further than this Circular Pattern Design Shoulder Bag. Featuring a repeating pattern of double circles, this big draws no attention to itself, instead allowing the user to shine through. Made with shiny black pleather, this bag is best for those searching for minimalism.

Circular Pattern Design Shoulder BagOriginally ₱ 988.00 | ₱ 948.48 after Cashback

No matter what your choice of bag is, offers up a huge collection for you to choose from. Furthermore, if you make your GoBuy purchase through ShopBack, you’ll receive a 4.0% cashback on every transaction. Saving by shopping has never been this easy!

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Prices accurate as of 20 February 2017.