Every year in June, we celebrate Father’s Day. It is a special event honoring the hardworking men in our lives. We don’t typically show our affection to our Dad’s and because it happens a month after Mother’s Day, we sometimes don’t put too  much thought into our gifts.

Father's Day cards

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Are you out of ideas? Well, we got you covered! Here are some funny ways to put a smile on your papa’s face that will make him proud of you… or not!

1. Yoda best!

Star Wars Display for Dad

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For the dads who love Star Wars, this will be the perfect gift from ebay! It is even a subtle recognition of his Yoda-like wisdom.

2. Dear Dad mug

Dear Dad Mug

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This is really something that would make your daddy proud of you everyday when he is drinking his daily cuppa coffee. The question now is, are you his favorite kid?

3. Portable Nose Hair Trimmer

Portable Nose Hair Trimmer

Image Credit: lazada.com.ph

A little TMI but we can’t be the only ones who notice the awkward and long strands of nose hair peeking through our dad’s nostrils. Give him this portable nose hair trimmer from Lazada to subtly hint that he needs to get his personal grooming in check!

4. Slimming vest

Slimming Vest

Image Credit: goods.ph

If you think only mothers want to be slim and sexy, you’re wrong. There are still fathers out there who want to hide their “dad bods” but can’t seem to get rid of the fats no matter how much they go to the gym. Good thing there’s this slimming vest from Zalora that will hide his beer belly! *Results may vary

5. Breaking Dad mug

Breaking Dad Mug

Image Credit: ebay.com

Is your father a marathoner? And by marathoner, we mean a TV serial binge-watching marathoner. If so, get your father this cool mug from eBay so he can act out his favorite Heisenberg fantasies.

6. Tiny tools keychain

Tools Keychain

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This is the best way to tell your dad that nobody can match his awesomeness when it comes to fixing things. The screwdriver, hammer, and wrench charms on the keychain are also a sneaky reminder of the household repairs he must do at home. Attach his keys to this sweet keychain from eBay as a sweet surprise!

7. “What If There Were No Dads?”

What if there were no Dads? Book

Image Credit: ebay.com

The title of this book is such a sad thought. Can you imagine a world without dads? Turn the tables and read a bedtime story to your beloved father instead!

8. Mustache and beard comb

Facial Hair Comb

Image Credit: ebay.com

Facial hair defines the manly appearance of our dads. What better way to show appreciation for their scruff by giving them this mustache and beard comb from eBay?

9. Parking Sign

Parking Signage

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Keep all other cars away from your driveway and reserve a royal spot for your dad.  Give him this threatening signage from eBay and watch other drivers veer away from your daddy’s lane.

10. World’s Greatest Farter

Greatest Farter Father Shirt

Image Credit: aliexpress.com

Of all statements to be put on a shirt, this one is the truest! It seems like no one has an explanation for why fathers are experts at the art of farting. I’m sure your dad will be wearing this shirt from AliExpress like a badge of honor.  And don’t forget to pick his favorite color!

11. The Walking Dad shirt

The Walking Dad Shirt

Image Credit: aliexpress.com

He may not win against a horde of zombies or survive an apocalypse, but your dad will surely be as cool as Rick Grimes when he wears this spoof shirt from AliExpress. Not to mention, they are both awesome father figures!

12. Decision-maker fidget

Decision Maker Paperweight

Image Credit: galleon.ph

Fathers always make serious decisions in life for the sake of the family and sometimes, they need something to laugh about to ease the tension. This decision-maker toy from Galleon will take away that burden from your dad. All he has to do is to spin it and let fate decide. It can even assist you on hard-to-decide choices like where to eat on Father’s Day.

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Happy shopping and Happy Father’s Day!