Fun Party Supplies From Aliexpress For A Sizzlin' Party Time!

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Thinking of throwing a party but worried that your décor and party supplies are not impressive enough? Why not check out AliExpress’ extensive range of party supplies?

Whether it’s a wedding party or birthday celebration, these fun party supplies from AliExpress will guarantee you and your friends a sizzlin’ good time!

1. Multicoloured LED Balloons

Multicolour LED Balloons

Balloons are a party staple. Ramp up the celebratory mood with these Multicolour LED Balloons! Made using natural latex and plastic, it will last all day and through the night. All you need is two button batteries to get the multi-coloured balloon light show going!

2. Polka Dotted Paper Drinking Straws

Polka Dot Paper Drinking Straws

Add a touch of fun to your party drinks with these quirky Polka Dotted Paper Drinking Straws! Made of 100% food grade bleached paper, it is waterproof for up to 24 hours. With a wide array of colours to choose from, you will definitely be able to find one that best suits your party theme!

3. Photo Booth Props

Photo Booth Props party

Photo booth props are the best way to create fun and memorable snapshots of your party! Made using premium card paper, these durable props can even be reused for subsequent parties. Put yourself in a moustache or kitty cat ears and leave your party guests in fits of laughter!

4. Striped Popcorn Boxes

Striped Popcorn Boxes

The easiest way to avoid the horrendous party clean-up by using disposable utensils and cutlery. But why stick to drab paper plates and cups when you can use these quirky popcorn boxes!

Available in a multitude of colours, they will add a great decorative touch to your party. Furthermore, they are made of biodegradable paper so you can even recycle them aft your done!

5. Cartoon Monster Cookie/Candy Bag

Cartoon Monsters Cookie / Candy Bag

Welcoming your party guests with a simple door gift will certainly get the party started. Set the mood with these quirky Cartoon Monsters Cookie / Candy Bag! Available in three colours – red, turquoise and yellow – the open-mouthed cartoon monster design is perfect to keep some enticing treats!

6. Celebratory Party Hats

Celebratory Party Hats

What is a party without party hats?! Inject some fun into the party atmosphere by getting these Celebratory Party Hats for your guests. With brilliantly loud designs and colours, it will certainly get everyone into the party mood!

7. Colourful Party Noisemakers

Colourful Party Blowout Toys

Parties are all about the flamboyant decorations, food and finally, NOISE. Available in a pack of 10 pieces, these toys will add to the fun and celebratory racket at your party.

Host the best party of the year with these fun party supplies from AliExpress! Enjoy 5.0% cashback when you make your purchase through ShopBack Philippines. It is time to get the party and merrymaking started!

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