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The backpack is every girl’s essential accessory – its convenience and comfort makes it a necessity in our closets. However, if you’re still thinking about those plain ol’ canvas schoolbags when talking about backpacks, you can’t be more wrong! Shopbop shows you how you can balance style and practicality with its meticulously selected range of fashionable backpacks.

1) MCM Crystal Baby Backpack

MCM Crystal Baby Backpack

Why get a typical MCM backpack when you can get an MCM backpack covered in studs, crystals and sparkles? Catch the eyes of people of the streets as you strut around with this fashion statement that sets your backpack apart from the other more common MCM backpacks.

Price before cashback: PHP127 047.67 
Price after cashback: PHP121 965.76 

2) Tumi Nadia Convertible Sling Bag

Tumi Nadia Convertible Sling Bag

Get two bags in one with this backpack that can also be converted into a sling back. After all, different occasions call for different types of bags, and what better way to look effortlessly smart and chic with this creative yet simply elegant bag?

Price before cashback: PHP12 230.52
Price after cashback: PHP11 721.39

3) Anya Hindmarch Mini Eyes Backpack

Mini eyes backpack
This backpack is for the girl who is fun, has a quirky sense of humour and loves furry things. Is that the exact description of who you are? Then this Mini Eyes backpack will be the perfect furry companion to follow you wherever you go and literally watch your back.

Price before cashback: PHP127 297.27
Price after cashback: PHP122 205.38

4) LeSportsac Functional Backpack

Functional Backpack

If you are into sweet, whimsical prints but nonetheless want a backpack that can easily match casual outfits, this backpack is the one for you. Not to mention that LeSportsac backpacks are known for having very thoughtful, comfortable and durable designs.

Price before cashback: PHP8 736.09
Price after cashback: PHP8 386.65

5) Kate Spade New York Small Neema Backpack

Small Neema Backpack

This is the backpack equivalent of your little black dress – timeless, classy and beautiful. What sets this backpack apart from the other generic small black backpacks is the clean-cut contrast between the black and white that makes the backpack feel special in a subtle way.

Price before cashback: PHP1 4876.31
Price after cashback: PHP1 4281.26

6) Herschel Supply Co. Reid Backpack

Herschel Reid Backpack

This sleek, laidback Herschel backpack is a breath of fresh air compared to the conventionally more sturdy-looking Herschel backpacks. The minimalist in you will love how versatile and clean the colour and silhouette is.

Price before cashback: PHP2 745.63
Price after cashback: PHP2 635.80

7) Terez Backpack

Terez backpack

This backpack can only be pulled off by those who are bursting with confidence, vibrancy and vitality. Express all your emotions to the world with this backpack peppered with whacky emoticons against a riot of rainbow colours in the background. Not for the faint-hearted.

Price before cashback: PHP4 043.56
Price after cashback: PHP3 881.82

8) Fjallraven Kanken Mini Backpack

Kanken mini yellow

Kaken backpacks are a hallmark of school life (for the style gurus among the students at least), but you still can stand out with this Kanken backpack in a bright pop of yellow. One of the rarer, brighter colours found for Kanken backpacks, you will bring a dash of sunshine wherever you go.

Price before cashback: PHP2 995.23
Price after cashback: PHP2 875.42

9) Deux Lux Mott Backpack

Deux Lux Mott Backpack

The intricate details on this backpack are pretty incredible. From the thin woven strips to the tassels on the drawstring, this backpack is luxurious and yet looks like it has been designed with much thought and care.

Price before cashback: PHP5 491.26
Price after cashback: PHP5 271.61

10) Mokuyobi Hadden Backpack

Mokuyobi Hadden Backpack

Now who said that all backpacks have to be square? This backpack is unapologetically circular and looks super edgy too. With the abstract geometric print and the cheerful colours, you’ll look like you’re carrying a piece of contemporary art around.

Price before cashback: PHP1 747.22
Price after cashback: PHP1 677.33

Gone are the days of boring backpacks that were void of personality! From the most stylish and tasteful touch, to the loudest and weirdest backpacks, Shopbop has got you covered. When shopping on Shopbop, remember to use Shopback to get 4% cashback for every purchase!

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