Summer season is the best season to binge watch on a few online channels. Maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s the boredom caused by the heat and free time? Watching travel videos, makeup tutorials or recipes online can be a good way to ward off the boredom away.  One thing’s for sure, you won’t regret binge-watching on these Filipino YouTube channels, whether at home or on the road stuck in traffic.

1. Georgia Brizuela

Looking to level up your beauty game? Then, Georgia’s Youtube channel is for you. Georgia Brizuela is a makeup artist and popular YouTuber that shares all things beauty from how to get rid of acne scars, cold waxing, the trendiest make up looks and product reviews.

2. Lou Sanchez

There is no such thing as too many makeup and beauty videos! Lou Sanchez is a young Youtuber that is among the favourite Youtubers in the Philippines. Lou shares her shopping tips, tutorials and product reviews and her videos are always super informative and lighthearted.

3. Say Tioco

Say Tioco is a famous Filipino beauty and lifestyle vlogger that has been doing Youtube videos since 2010. At Say Tioco’s channel, you can find plenty to keep you glued to Youtube for a couple of hours: makeup tutorials, skin care tips, travel vlogs, personal experiences, famous makeup brands, products and everything in between. You can watch product feature from popular makeup brands like Althea, Sephora and Maybelline

4. Erwan Heussaff

Erwan’s videos range from recipes to food/travel videos, to challenges, and now to vlogs. This man is an all-around artist and his videos are pretty much a work of art, he doesn’t skimp on tips and hacks either. His “Overnight” series are essential to watch if you’re traveling somewhere in Asia soon.

5. Judy Ann’s Kitchen

Judy-Ann Santos-Agoncillo is an actress with a culinary background. And because she’s really good at creating recipes, a cooking channel was the best step for her. But aside from that, you’ll find that she’s pretty “kenkoy”, and it shows in her videos! This makes us even more addicted to watching all her cooking videos!

6. Raiza Contawi

Raiza Contawi is one talented makeup artist. We go to channel for makeup reviews but her makeup transformations of both local and international celebrities are all amazing to watch. Makeup is pretty powerful, and her artistry exhibits that in her videos.

7. Coffee & Sparkle by Mimi

Mimi is a Filipino Beauty Youtuber based in the US and since she gets all the recent releases of our favorite makeup brands, her reviews are very useful. Also, her input are pretty valuable since she really takes the time to review everything and see if a beauty product is “worth it” in Filipino standards.

8. Wil Dasovich

If you’re a Casey Neistat fan, your boy Wil is kind of like the Filipino version of him. Some people say his videos are pretty clickbaity but honestly, we’d click on his latest videos in a heartbeat because everything seems to deliver raw entertainment every single time. What we love most are his #DasoFam videos because their dynamics is pretty funny to watch!

9. Alodia Gosiengfao

Alodia has crossover-ed from being a cosplayer to a gamer to all-star Youtuber. She’s so famous even American celebrities know her! She also gets sent to different countries to conduct interviews with Hollywood actors and actresses about their movies. This is itself makes us really proud, go Alodia!

10. The Aquinos

Of course, the Queen of Media needs to be on this list. She started the trend of “quitting” TV shows and completely transferring everything to Youtube. Because, after all, her influence is THAT strong. Wherever platform she is, whatever product she recommends, whatever tip she gives, people follow. What we love most about her channel is her “Unscripted with Kris” playlist, it shows more of her raw side, and that’s why we get more hooked!

11. Solenn Heussaff

Solenn’s channel has been a hodgepodge of makeup, challenges, food, workouts, travel that all end up being a funny video to watch–especially when her husband, Nico Bolzico gets in the picture.

12. Laureen Uy

Laureen Uy is Fashion blogger that turned into a Youtuber, and unlike the others, her channel actually has videos you want to watch. She raw and real, especially when she’s collaborating with her It Girl/It Mom sister, Liz Uy. We particularly love all her travel blogs and fashion videos, we both learn and get inspired while watching!

13. Ms. Alex Gonzaga

Alex Gonzaga has always been a comedian, not because she has tons of jokes and skits under her sleeve but because she always points out the funny things she encounters in her daily life. Her content revolves around her travels and her daily life. She also does challenges, vlogs, and a lot of collaborations–which we think where her comedic skills truly shines.

Who is your favourite Filipino vlogger?

There more Filipino Youtubers out these but these are all the wholesome, funny, inspiriting, informative, and hella entertaining channels that we think you should hit the Subscribe button for a good binge-watch session. If you know about more vloggers and channels that you think should be on this list, let us know in the comments below! ‘Til then, happy watching!

Featured Image credit: CoffeeandSparkle | Facebook Page