Who would forget Filipino childhood snacks and candies? A lot of these were part of most Filipinos’ growing up days. Your tender age won’t be complete without having the habit of snacking. Even if you’re already a grown up now, these snacks will always be all-time favorites!

From sharing a bag of chips at any time of the day to bringing snacks during weekend trips or wherever you go, Pinoy snacks are definitely present. Snacking is something everyone does, whether it’s break time or simply when you feel like munching on some eats. It’s an old habit that’s hard to break, indeed.

Nothing compares the simple joys you experience during your youth. It feels good to look back on your younger years and recall how basic and uncomplicated life was then. So, get ready for a full-on nostalgia and prepare your inner child! Here’s a rundown of some Filipino childhood snacks and candies that are still available today:

1. Mik-Mik

mik-mik Filipino childhood snacks
Image Credit: instagram.com/keneth_md

Oh what fun it is to blow powdered milk on each other when you were a kid! Mik-Mik is one of the best-selling Filipino childhood snacks before, which is a total resemblance of confectionery sugar. The ideal way to eat it is through a small plastic straw that comes with every pack. Be careful though, as you might cough when eating it. More so, it comes in three flavors, the Sweetened Milk Powder, Sweetened Choco Powder, and Sweetened Ube Powder.

2. Cheese Ring

cheese rings Filipino childhood snacks
Image Credit: instagram.com/tsarlot

Wrap your fingers with rings and let them be covered with cheese. No matter how messy your fingers can get, Cheese Ring is absolutely worth snacking on during your childhood days. A pack of this snack is sure a comfort food for the grownups up to this day. You love that crunchiness every bite, for sure!

3. Choc Nut

Choc Nut Filipino childhood snacks
Image Credit: instagram.com/ontraystudio

This list won’t be complete without including the yummy Choc Nut. It has been a crowd favorite ever since and gained popularity by many, even up to now. This peanut milk chocolate bar used to be manufactured by Unisman, however, the company that creates Hany, Choc Nut’s rival, now took over. Interestingly, a number of restaurants these days are adding some unique twists on their desserts by putting Choc Nut on the ingredients. How cool is that?

4. Snacku

snacku Filipino childhood snacks
Image Credit: instagram.com/asiamovermarkt

Thought Snacku is a real vegetable snack? Well, that’s not true! Despite the vegetable branding, this snack isn’t really made of vegetables. In fact, it is made of MSG yet everyone loves these rice crackers. This salty and flavorful snack is surely one of the best of its kind. Absolutely, it has a powerful marketing strategy that a lot of people, including you, believed that it is actually a healthy snack.

5. Flat Tops / Curly Tops

curly tops Filipino childhood snacks
Image Credit: instagram.com/igi_kun

Chocolate lovers will never forget Ricoa’s best treat. Both Flat Tops and Curly Tops are basically the great-tasting homegrown chocolates you loved when you were still a kid and even today. These well-wrapped and delicious chocolate pops are extremely addicting. Imagine, one may even finish a whole pack in one seating? That’s how good these Filipino childhood snacks are!

6. Haw Haw Milk Candy

haw haw milk candy Filipino childhood snacks
Image Credit: instagram.com/urmajestysire

Savor the creamy and sweet taste of Haw Haw Milk Powder Candy. Whether you chew or suck it, this milky treat is a sure favorite during your childhood days. Nothing can stop you from eating these candies even when your teeth get hurt because who doesn’t love sweets, right? Just don’t complain to your mom or dad, they might not let you eat Haw Haw again. And that’s absolutely a bad idea.

7. Marie

Marie Filipino childhood snacks
Image Credit: instagram.com/elizaruffee

Who would fail to remember Marie? Oh, these biscuits aren’t just for toddlers. Though the packaging might have changed through the years, it is still the milky biscuit we love back in the day. Its soft and creamy taste made everyone enjoy their snack time. Certainly, it is one of the best Filipino childhood snacks that everyone craves for up to this age.

8. Potchi

potchi Filipino childhood snacks
Image Credit: instagram.com/ar_trinidad14

What’s all the rave about Potchi Strawberry Cream during grade school days? Well, it’s because this strawberry gummy candy made each kid happy. Promising a soft, sugary candy that melts in your mouth, Potchi is a sure hit to those who have a sweet tooth. Bet you can munch as many as you can if you are not just monitoring your sugar level. Today, you can still get Potchi with different variants, such as Potchi Gummy Worms, Potchi Choco Gummy, and Potchi Gummy Worms.

9. Ovaltine Malt Candies

ovaltine malt candies Filipino childhood snacks
Image Credit: instagram.com/iampolkadotcom

Formerly known as Ovaltinees, Ovaltine malt candies are still available in leading supermarkets nowadays. These sweet malt chocolate pellets taste really good and you can’t help but binge eat them during your recess or any time of the day when you were still a kid. You wouldn’t let finish just one pack, for you are sure to get another one after. Thanks to Ovaltine for creating these candies that people have gotten addicted to at some point in their lives.

10. White Rabbit

white rabbit Filipino childhood snacks
Image Credit: instagram.com/asiagoodiesph

Another treat for children back in the day was the White Rabbit. For a time, you were wondering if you can eat its paper wrap or not, especially if it was your first time to see one. And the answer is definitely yes! That paper wrap is edible because it is made from sticky rice. However, there are plenty of imitations of it these days and sadly they are totally different from the original. You can’t eat the paper wrap and they are hard and not chewable, unlike the real White Rabbit we were used to munch on in the past.

11. Ri-Chee

ri-chee Filipino childhood snacks
Image Credit: instagram.com/itsalbertoklein

It is no surprise that children love milk. One of the greatest Filipino childhood snacks that everyone can’t get over with until today is Ri-Chee. This milk-flavored snack brings back your sweet and simple childhood days that you surely miss. The simplicity of Ri-Chee is what most Filipinos keep coming back for more.

12. L.A.L.A

L.A.L.A Filipino childhood snacks
Image Credit: instagram.com/ronchuanthegreat

Ever tasted L.A.L.A? It’s so good, isn’t? This classic Pinoy treat has been a staple item in any store up to this day. Apparently, L.A.L.A is an acronym for the persons behind this pastillas chocolate snack, namely Louie, Arlene, Leonisa, and Arlete. For many decades, this iconic item has been making every Filipino’s heart happy while having a bite of it. What’s even more interesting is that it is still being manufactured by the very same company since its beginning.

13. Iced Gem Biscuits

iced gem biscuits Filipino childhood snacks
Image Credit: instagram.com/icedgembiscuits

Biscuit topped with candy, anyone? Nothing beats Iced Gem Biscuits when it comes to this kind of snack. This unique and adorable pastel-colored icing biscuits are a perfect item to use in mini tea parties with friends way back. The ideal way to consume these is to eat the candy part first then the biscuit. Some eat them wholly, separate one color from the other, or choose a color first before devouring the entire pack. It’s a bit weird, but that’s how it was before!

14. Stay Fresh

stay fresh Filipino childhood snacks
Image Credit: instagram.com/ooh_anastasyaa

Undeniably one of the most famous Filipino childhood candies is Stay Fresh. If you need an instant mouth freshener, then this is the perfect one to buy. These tiny, green mint-flavored candies will keep your breath fresh and give you a refreshing cool as well. Super Candy Corporation still manufactures Stay Fresh, so you can purchase one any time.

15. Tomi

tomi Filipino childhood snacks
Image Credit: instagram.com/ar_trinidad14

For the love of sweet corn chips, Tomi is the ultimate snack for you. No one will ever get sick of this because it delivers sweetness that you can only find in this specific item. Tomi will always be a homegrown snack that many Filipinos love until today. It has marked a spot in every child that cannot be removed easily.

Childhood snacks and candies to make you remember the good old times

It is a good idea to reminisce the olden days at times and see how time flies. These Filipino childhood snacks and candies mentioned above are just some of the things that complete your early years and made it enjoyable. Knowing that these are still available today, you can bring back the old memories you’ve had before.

A lot of things might have changed through the years, but the feeling that these snacks gave you a long time ago is still the same. You will always remember your childhood memories through these and that’s something worth keeping. Also, don’t forget to score the best food deals at Shopback today and have a great time munching on something with family or friends. Surely, nothing beats having the chance to eat together and spend some quality time with your loved ones despite your hectic schedules from time to time.

Do you know other Filipino childhood snacks and candies that are still available today? Share them with us!

Featured image Credit: dlazor | flickr.com