Remember the iconic Tini Wini cookies?


Back in the early 2000s, supermarkets and convenience stores in the Philippines had their shelves stocked with well-loved snacks that will hold a special place in our hearts. These snacks—from chichiryas like Nooda Crunch, popular mini cookies like Tini Wini, mouthwatering drinks like Jungle Juice, and morewere staples during recess and after school merienda. And whether you admit it or not, most of us would even secretly eat these snacks during class hours when the teacher isn’t looking our way. That’s just how good these snacks were before!


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Because we’re feeling nostalgic (and we know you are too!), we’ve rounded up the top 10 Filipino childhood snacks from the early 2000s that will surely give you major nostalgia!


10 Filipino Childhood Snacks From the Early 2000s That Will Give You Major Nostalgia



  • Tini Wini

tini wini
Photo by Buzzfeed

This popular childhood snack has since been discontinued, but if you’ve ever eaten Tini Wini cookies when you were young, you know what the hype was about!



  • Nooda Crunch

Nooda Crunch
Photo by Uni-President PH

Nooda Crunch is like the famous pancit canton that we all love except you no longer have to cook it.



  • Jungle Juice

Jungle Juice
Photo by Carousell

Aside from Zesto, Jungle Juice is one of the most popular drinks back in the early 2000s. There’s just always that one kid in class who has this drink.



  • E-aji

SF&WB on Twitter: "#tbt to e-aji Dip Snax, which included nachos with Fiesta salsa dip, and Groovy Mayo BBQ dip. Hungry? Check out all of our #tortillachips content here:…"
Photo by E-aji

The joy of getting chips and dip in one E-aji pack will always be priceless.



  • TofiLuk

10 Filipino Childhood Snacks and Drinks That Have Gone Completely Extinct
Photo by TheSmartLocal

TofiLuk chocolate was very popular back then and we bet even our parents secretly ate this when we weren’t looking!



  • Cubee

Cubee Wafer Biscuits, View Biscuits, Product Details from Monde Nissin Corporation on
Photo by Monde Nissin

Who could forget about the irresistible taste of Cubee wafer snacks? TBH, Cubee Vanilla Fudge will always remain top-tier. Sorry, Cubee Cookies & Cream fans!



  • Bazooka

Bazooka Bubble Gum - 1 piece |
Photo by Old Time Candy

Bazooka was every kid’s favorite gum as it’s flavorful and it comes with cool comic strips about the characters Bazooka and his friends.



  • Sunkist

Photo by Small Basket

Remember the iconic triangle tetra pack of Sunkist? Sadly, we couldn’t find a photo of it on the internet. HELP US FIND IT!



  • Bubble Jug

90's Bubble Jug! #retro #vintage #gum | 90s food, Childhood, Fruit gums
Photo by Pinterest

You know your childhood is complete if you had Bubble Jug at least once in your life.



  • Chamyto

Erika De Castro on Twitter: "I dunno if y'all still remember Chamyto but this shit slaps and is legit better than Yakult.… "
Photo by Erika de Castro

Chamyto is no longer available in the market but we will never forget this sweet and oh-so-delish lactobacillus drink!


Did we miss anything? Let us know what other childhood snacks you’ve been craving!


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