Happiness seems like such a rare thing to come by these days – millennials, 2k18. Especially when we’re forced to deal with the demands of our daily lives. But that doesn’t lessen the importance of happiness in any way. Being happy or even contented not only boosts your mental health, but also coherently, your physical state of well-being. So here are some ways you could turn that frown upside down and feel happier every day!

1. Go Easy on Yourself

Love yourself
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Try not to be too hard on yourself. As cliche as that sounds, remember that you’re only human. It is okay to not look like a model straight out of a catalogue, you ARE going to fail at something and it is definitely okay to be different. But guess what? It is the failures that produce the successes in life, it is only yourself when you’re different. When life gets too difficult, just take a step back for a minute and cut yourself some slack.

2. Rid Yourself of Negativity

Get rid of negativity
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People and thoughts alike, if it’s negative it has got to go. The littlest of things can affect how you feel about yourself; did you know that slouching even can impact how you feel about yourself? ‘Bad body language can lower your self-image and lead to a lack of self-confidence’ quotes an article on Pickthebrain. Start small, sit upright with confidence, you might not realize it right off the bat but it could be your key to feeling better in the long run!

3. Don’t Hold Grudges

Forgive others
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Grudges are nothing but self-imposed hurdles that keep you from reaching a state of happiness and contentment. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean that you’re finally okay with whatever they did to you, but it just helps you get over it and move on in life. Resentment and anger suck all the energy and positivity right out of you. ‘Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.’ Need I say more?

Holding grudges is just a vicious cycle of negativity and nobody deserves to feel this way, so set yourself free by being the bigger man for your own sake.

4. Move your body

Exercise regularly
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Exercising not only gives you a wonderful figure but it also creates a happier you. Take a walk or a jog around the park, sometimes all you need is a breath of fresh air. Exercising helps you to detach from your surroundings, and focus just on yourself and your body for a bit. Endorphins, which are released when you exercise, interacts with your brain that reduces your perception of pain. Endorphin triggers a positive feeling in the body oftentimes compared to the effect of morphine.

5. Help Others

Help those in need
Image Credit: Alecandr Podvalny | Unsplash

The satisfaction you receive from helping someone is probably one of the most underrated feelings ever. Set aside some time to volunteer at shelters or maybe you could even help out a friend in need because those gracious smiles on their faces are simply priceless.

6. Sometimes All You Need is a Good Night’s Rest

Sleep properly
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Sleep is crucial in keeping depression and unwanted stress at bay. Research shows, when someone doesn’t get enough sleep, their mind is easily influenced by negative thoughts. It is really no rocket science; if you suffer from a lack of sleep, chances are you’ll be really tired and grumpy, resulting in a non-productive day. There you have it, try to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep every night.

7. Be Grateful

be thankful
Image Credit: Ben White | Unsplash

When you find yourself thanking God for all that you have, instead of grunting about all the things that you don’t have, why not celebrate the things you already have. The grass is greener where you water it; you don’t have to be Mr. brightside all the time, but that’s what life is ain’t it? What would the ups be if there weren’t any downs to make us appreciate the great times?


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