It’s almost Father’s Day! And if you’re reading this right now, you still are probably looking for a perfect gift for your Dad.

Usually, we’d like to give our fathers stuff that they might need for work, such as fountain pens, neckties, or ‘Best Dad in the World’ mugs or shirts. These are not bad, to be honest. However, let’s try to do away with the usual this time. Think about it this way: your father’s probably the most hardworking person you know. He’s at work on time and is super dedicated to it – which is awesome! But wouldn’t it be more awesome to give him something that’s not work-related?

Give your Dad something that he loves to do aside from work and taking care of the family. Find out his hobbies or prepare him to go on an adventurous outing with you.. Gift him something that would push him to go YOLO.

Father's Day Gift Ideas
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Still, have no idea? Well, we give you 10 gift ideas for your adventurous, sporty, fun-loving Father. If he isn’t, let’s bring out that side of him with all this sports gear.

1. Hydration Backpack

Merell's Luton Backpack Hydration

If your Dad loves hiking, Merrell‘s Luton Backpack Hydration would be a perfect gift to keep him hydrated. It is lightweight yet made up of strong and durable polyester and nylon materials. It is padded and with a ventilation system so it’d be comfortable to wear on long hikes.

Encourage him to go for a hike with his buddies. A hydration backpack would be best to show your care for your Dad while he’s away.

2. Rope Clamp

MagiDeal Tree Rock Climbing Hand Ascender Riser 8-13mm Rope Clamp

Go for a bit more extreme than hiking and go for a good climb instead. Your Dad would surely love this rock climbing rope clamp from Lazada.

Give him a sense of safety and security on his next climb with this high-quality climbing accessory. It’s made of aluminum-magnesium alloy and has a maximum strength of 880 pounds so you’re assured that it can withstand an intense climb.

3. Camping Multi-Tool

Ganzo Multi-Tool

Most hikes or climbs take over a day so camping out is really necessary. Give your father a camping multi-tool so he’ll be prepared for any situation that would require him to use a handy tool.

Whether he’ll need a knife or scissors, a can or bottle opener – you wonderful gift would get him covered. Ready and prepared as ever!

4. Sighting Compass

Professional Military Army Metal Sighting Compass with Inclinometer

This might be a little old-fashion if you think of it (coz there are available apps or digital ones out there) but a sighting compass would be a cool gift.

Go for a sighting compass that is easy to use, compact, and lightweight. And make sure that it is accurate and precise coz you sure don’t want your Dad to get lost, right? While going techy is the in thing now, it won’t last long in the woods without electricity. Without a doubt, going old school is still cool.

5. Full Face Snorkeling Mask

Full Face Snorkeling Mask For GoPro Action Cameras

From the mountain to the sea, give your Dad a full face snorkelling mask for his future island adventures. Whether it’s for a trip with the entire family or a team-building outing with co-workers, your Dad would have the coolest snorkelling gear around.

Look for a snorkelling mask which is anti-fog, breakage proof, and with built-in earplugs for utmost comfort and safety when wearing it. It’s also a plus if you choose a full face snorkelling mask with an action cam mount just like this one from Lazada. It’s a great gear to not only marvel underwater but also to capture its beauty.

6. Cycling Helmet

Giro Foray Helmet

Did you know that cycling has a lot of health benefits, including one’s mental health? Better encourage your Father to start now, or probably rekindle with his old hobby. It’s a great exercise to let him stay fit and ease stress.

While you’re at it, why don’t you give him a helmet that is of high quality to ensure safety? Look for aerodynamic builts, too, to help him cycle smoothly. This one from Backcountry is perfect, plus it has a great fit and design!

7. Golf Accessories

Men's UA CoolSwitch Golf Glove

Is Dad a golfer? Fathers love their tee time. It helps them relax, keeps themselves focused, and also socialize. Golf clubs are pretty expensive; so go and give him some golfing accessories instead. You can opt for a cap or a glove like this slick looking one from Under Armour.

Golf balls would be a nice gift, too, especially if they are some collector’s item or if you can have them signed by a famous golfer. Who knows, right?

8. Table Tennis Bat

Dunlop Blackstorm Control Table Tennis Bat

Table tennis has grown its popularity in the past couple of years or so. Thanks to sitcoms feature computer geeks playing it, it’s become the coolest racket sport.

Surprise your Dad with a pair of table tennis bats. This Dunlop bat here is good for any type of player – beginner or pro – so you won’t really worry about how proficient your Father is in handling it. It is durable and lightweight so you’re sure he can use it with ease. And if you’re going to buy a pair, you and your Dad can make this your sport to bond with.

9. Ball of Any Sport

Nike Lebron Playground & Nike Brasil CBF Skills Football

Surely your Dad plays any ball sport. So, go ahead and buy him one. There is good quality Nike basketballs and soccer balls in Zalora. These are great gifts to dive into the NBA Finals or World Cup hype!

10. Exercise Tracker Bands

Eastor A59 Waterproof Blood Pressure Heart Rate Smart Band

To cap everything off, an all-around gift would be an exercise band. Be it a smartwatch, smart band or Fitbit – there are plenty of brands and models to choose from and they come in different budgets. Check Lazada for the different options.

Of all the adventures and sports your father might be into, an exercise tracker can help him track his exercise progress and his vital statistics. Your father can keep stay fit even by just tracking his number of steps wherever he goes.

Celebrate Father’s Day outside

Father’s Day is a perfect occasion to show Dad how much you care. Even if he is not a very sporty person, there is more you can do together, even if it is a nice meal together at his favourite restaurant. Check Shopback’s dining deals for extra Cashback.

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