It’s a known trick that bold and bushy brows make you look much younger as compared to thin brows. Thicker brows help to shape your facial structure and gives you an edgier and fresher look. Rather than just using eyebrow pencils, many women tend to go for a more permanent or semi-permanent solution now as it is simply more convenient. And you no longer have to worry about bad brow days.

In the past, eyebrow tattoos were a huge thing. However, they soon fell out of favor because of their lack of flexibility. Then came a God-sent solution – semi-permanent eyebrows by the intricate art of embroidery.

What exactly is eyebrow embroidery?

The process is also known as 3D eyebrow embroidery and it is gaining popularity in many East Asian countries. Rather than permanently using ink to tattoo eyebrows onto your face, this process uses a fine blade to push in small strands of pigment into your skin.

This pigment is semi-permanent and lasts about 2 years with regular maintenance. Eyebrow embroidery is also called cosmetic tattooing, pigment embroidery or microblading.

eyebrow embroidery before and after
Image credit: getbrowink@Instagram

S0 should you get your eyebrows embroidered?


  • Eyebrow embroidery looks extremely natural as the pigment is designed to mimic real strands of hair, rather than a black patch tattooed on you like before.
  • It comes off after a couple of years, so you can decide if you want it again or discontinue and go with your original brows.
  • It saves you time while doing your makeup as you don’t have to shave or fill in your eyebrows with a pencil anymore.
  • Get your brows shaped by a professional who will embroider the best eyebrow shape to match your face.
  • Anyone can do it, especially if you suffer from hair loss condition, such as Alopecia or over-tweezing.
  • It enhances your existing eyebrows, which means you don’t have to shave them off.
  • It’s a pain-free procedure and doesn’t hurt one bit.
eyebrow treatment
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  • You’ll need to prepare your skin before the microblading session. You’ll have to avoid tanning your skin in case it peels, and you should make sure it’s adequately moisturized. You have to avoid drinking alcohol the night before as this can really dry your skin out.
  • Waxing, tinting and threading your eyebrows has to be done at least three days earlier.
  • The quality of your eyebrow embroidery depends on the skill of your beautician. One wrong move and you’ll have to bear with misshapen eyebrows for the next two years.
  • Unclean embroidery blades can cause infection, so ensure that your saloon is certified to perform the embroidery. They should not be re-using blades as each blade is meant to be disposed of after a single use.
  • Once the procedure is done, it cannot be changed.

The beautician will usually draw the planned area of embroidery around your brows. You should flex your eyebrow muscles and check if you’re satisfied with it from all angles before giving the green light.

Where can I go for eyebrow embroidery?

There are many places that offer eyebrow embroidery in the Phillippines. Here are some of the more trusted ones in town.

1. Browhaus

Image Credit: Browhaus SG | Facebook

At Browhaus, the eyebrow embroidery procedure is known as Brow Ressurection and uses advanced techniques developed by their own beauticians. Brow Resurrection is a completely safe and hygienic process, with Browhaus ensuring you of their quality and cleanliness.

  • Address: Six outlets in Manila, see here for the address of an outlet near you
  • Website

2. Prettylooks

Prettylooks outlet
Image Credit: Prettylooks | Facebook

Prettylooks offers several different packages for eyebrow embroidery, depending on how sparse your natural eyebrows are. The different services you can expect here include S3 Eyebrow Stranding and 4D Eyebrow Cloning which both combine embroidery with other procedures like stranding and shading.

  • Address: There are 7 Prettylooks outlets all over the Phillippines. Visit their website to find one nearest you.
  • Website

3. The Eyebrowdery

Eyebrowdery outlet
Image Credit: The Eyebrowdery FB

As the name suggest, The Eyebrowdery offers 3D Embroidery at three of their branches, namely Greenhills, Newport Pasay and Ayala Feliz Marikina. Customers can contact them through Smart, Globe or landline.

  • Address: See this FB post for the address of each of the three outlets
  • Website

Taking good care of your eyebrows will encourage it to stay healthy and youthful for much longer. Even after getting your eyebrow embroidered, you’ll still need to prim and prep them with brow gel or brow care products. Get your brow care products online at sites like Sephora, while using our promo codes to help you save more while you spend!

Alternatively, if brow embroidery is not your thing and you still prefer the traditional way of drawing your brows, then get your next brow product from top favourite brow experts, Benefit and Fenty Beauty!