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It may only be January but the hashtags #summerforever #balikalindogforsummer #summerhereicome and many other variations of summer-related posts have been making the social media rounds since end of 2015. Us Pinoys are just mad for summer, aren’t we?

Being a tropical country, it’s fairly easy to understand why. The country gets a lot of sun most of the year (save for a brief rainy season), but the temperatures are already peaking at the low 40s (in celsius), the highest recorded temperatures in recent memory.

While some can  #beattheheat by expending their resources to head on over to a beach resort or travel to countries with cooler climates, most of us are left to suffer under the tyranny of the summer sun. Fear not, as there are still a number of relatively inexpensive ways one can escape the sweltering temperatures.

Malling. This one’s a no-brainer. Shopping malls are quite a thing in the country, with some of the largest malls in the world finding residence within the cities – often with just a few metres separating them. With malls come air conditioning, and they have very powerful industrial-type compressors to fight back the heat from outside, as well as the heat emanating from the thousands of people within. Do some window shopping, hit the arcades, buy cheap but refreshing iced drink or ice cream or just sit by the food court or in one of the lounge seats in the waiting area.

Hit the cinema. May not be so cheap with movie tickets now costing above P200 a pop, but you can catch some zzz and that’s the sweet part.

Provincial Tour. The cities and high population density areas of the Philippines are surely “hotspots” in more ways than one, so it would be best for you to take a long road trip towards the more sparse areas. Get intimate with nature in the form of trees and human-tended agriculture, seek shade from the natural features of the land. The breeze is so much cooler and cleaner in the countryside, this is guaranteed. Share the cost of gas, food and accommodations with friends, if you want to be more frugal. Find your next local trip through Expedia, and Agoda on ShopBack.

Wear summer colours. Ditch the dark and sombre black, brown and grey in favour of lighter hues in your wardrobe and accessories. Check out shops like Zalora, ASOS, Ensogo, Aliexpress and many other online fashion retailers at ShopBack for reasonably-priced fashionable items for all seasons.

Cool Job. This bit of advice will not save you money; it will earn you some, in fact. Though perhaps not the easiest because there will be some very strict requirements from prospective employers. Find gainful employment in jobs that will expose you to very cold environments. While everyone’s having a hot summer vacation, have a nice cool summer job! Examples are ice plants, air conditioned restaurants, ice cream parlours, and of course, call centers!

Stay cool and fresh this summer, people!

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