Holy Week is here and the end of Lent is near. Very soon Easter Sunday will be upon us, a day of celebration with family and friends. Most of us will be at Easter morning mass to celebrate Christ’s resurrection. Later on, there’s usually a gathering of some sort, usually lunch or dinner. Depending on where you are in the Phillippines, there are also lots of festivals and processions to go to on Good Friday and Easter. In any case, the occasion deserves a new outfit to match and we are sure you will want to look your best.

Since you may be outdoors a lot, or in a non-air conditioned area for long periods, it’s advisable to wear something airy and comfortable. We’ve found you some samples of outfits to wear for Easter that will be Church appropriate but still on trend:

1. High Low Bell Sleeved Wrap Dress by Krizia

Dark wrap dress from Krizia
Image credit: Zalora

You can purchase this little gem of a dress for Php 1699 with any Zalora promo code. It’s made from very comfortable chiffon that’s lined. It won’t cling to your body and is breathable. The waistline is lined with a garter and there’s a matching sash to tie into a ribbon around your waist. This is one of those dresses which you can look chic in, as well as make your grandma happy with its modest look. Use it with a chic pair of earrings and be ready to shine.

2. Dallas Cape Sleeve Maxi Dress by Cotton On

Cotton On button up Maxi dress
Image credit: Zalora

Cotton On is known for their smart casual clothing.The cheerful fabric here is definitely an echo of the happy celebratory mode that’s going on around you. This floral patterned dress is really easy to put on as it’s mostly button on, and of course, there’s a sash for you to tie around your waist to keep the dress close fitting. It’s going for Php 1799 with a Zalora promo code.

3. Retro Black and White Floral Dress from JollyChic

Retro sleeveless black and white dress
Image credit: Lazada

This retro black and white dress looks very elegant and understated. It retails for a very affordable Php 733 on any Lazada Sale and you won’t have to worry about being outdoors as it’s sleeveless. The dress is also really versatile and you can just throw on a shawl for a more formal occasion, or throw on a sun hat for participating in outdoor events.

4. Casual Faux Two-Piece Dress from Taobao

Two piece casual dress
Image credit: Lazada

This is a high waisted dress that makes it appear as if you’re wearing a top and a skirt. Imagine that you can get both items for only Php 434. The dress is great if you want to blend in with the crowd but still want to have an element of individualism. Skirts are really comfortable to walk and move in, and you can wear it all day without needing to worry about feeling sticky.

5. Simple Cotton Frock via AliExpress

Simple cotton frock
Image credit: AliExpress

Cotton is a material that’s really cooling and easily wearable with warmer weather. It’s one of those materials that allow air through it so that you don’t feel like you’re being cooped up in your clothes. This dress is really simple looking, which is great for Easter as you don’t want to be too flashy for this religious celebrations. It’s going for only Php 708 on AliExpress. Right now you can buy it in four colors, including white, light blue, maroon and yellow.

6. Fake Two Piece Dress and Cardigan at AliExpress

Summer light dress from AliExpress
Image credit: AliExpress

If you want to go for a more matured look, then this is the dress to go for. It’s actually a one-piece dress but the outer folds are a different color, making it look like you’re wearing a cardigan. The material is a very light cotton and linen blend and you can have it for only 696 Php on AliExpress.

Spend the holiday in style

It’s never too late to plan your Easter outfit now.  Pick one of these dresses to wear with some nice accessories and shoes and you will be ready to look stylish. Just use any one of the cashback promotions available for the top online fashion stores in the Philippines. This will help make your outfit even more affordable, so maybe you’ll end up buying more than one!

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