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Finding the right home decor can be tough. For some unique and whimsical pieces, why not check out Ebay? With their expansive online marketplace, you will definitely be able to snag that perfect vintage toy to add to your display collection.

1. Handmade Wind-Up Tin Plate Boxing Ring

Handmade Wind-Up Tin Plate Boxing Ring

Add a punch to your home decor with this exquisite Boxing Ring display set! This handmade boxing ring features two boxers set on the middle of a tin plate boxing stage. It even comes with a wind-up key for you to catch some live fighting in action! This unique and interactive toy will certainly add a retro touch to your home.

Before cashback: PHP999; After cashback: PHP989.01

2. Vintage Miniature Dollhouse & Carousel

Vintage Minature Dollhouse & Carousel childhood memories

Relive your childhood memories with this gorgeous-looking vintage dollhouse and carousel display set! It comes in two designs – a winter or summer landscape. Made with environmentally-friendly paint, this display set comes to life with its vibrant colours and vivid details.

Before cashback: PHP2,299; After cashback: PHP2,276.01

3. Vintage Car Music Box

Vintage Car Music Box

This intricate-looking vintage car will definitely be an ornate decorative addition to your home. Finished with a copper varnish, this vintage car will add a rustic charm to your mantlepiece. It even comes with an adjustable car hood and back compartment with fully functional wheels that move when the music is played.

Before cashback: PHP950; After cashback: PHP940.50

4. Vintage 1978 Star Wars 12” R2-D2 Figurine

Vintage 1978 Star Wars 12” R2-D2 Figurine

Was R2-D2 always the carrier of the Death Star plans in Star Wars? While we do not know the answer for sure, we know that this 12” R2-D2 figurine will certainly resonate well with avid Star Wars fans. It does not matter whether you are an original Star Wars die-hard fan or a newcomer to this epic space franchise. We are pretty sure this cool-retro Star Wars figurine will be the perfect home accessory for the geek in you.

Before cashback: PHP2,150; After cashback: PHP2,128.50

5. 1990 Vintage Transformers G1 Krok Action Masters Figurine

1990 Vintage Transformers G1 Krok Action Masters Figurine

Figurines from the 1990s release of Transformers are rare. However, look no further with this Vintage Transformers Krok Action Masters Figurine. This Transformers Action Masters Figurine is a Decepticon and part of the G1 series. It is the perfect toy to add to your nerd collection. Furthermore, it also boasts movable parts for that transformability, adding a more realistic touch!

Before cashback: PHP450; After cashback: PHP445.50

6. Vintage Army Motorcycle Model

Vintage Army Motorcycle Model

A fervent biker enthusiast? Then you need to have this vintage army motorcycle model displayed in your home! It features finely-crafted metallic details as well as an army green engine tank. Additionally, this vintage motorcycle model even comes with two faded satchels attached at the back for a realistic touch.

Before cashback: PHP2,982.05; After cashback: PHP2,952.23

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