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Pampering yourself with masks and packs is a therapeutic and relaxing experience, especially when you know that it will make you prettier afterwards! With Althea, the process can become even more fun with its adorable and quirky masks and packs that will make you go, “So cute!”

Tony Moly Panda’s Dream White Sleeping Pack

Panda pack

We all love pandas, and how cuddly and clumsily lovable they look. Here is your chance to own your very own panda so you don’t have to visit the zoo just to see it! This particular panda has moisturising, whitening and hydrating benefits, and is extremely convenient to use as you can just apply it at night and go straight to bed after that!

Price before cashback: ₱680

Price after cashback: ₱646

It’s Skin Sesame Street Edition Mask

Sesame Street

Take a trip down the memory lane with these Sesame Street masks. Most of us grew up watching this series, and surely at some point of time when you were a child you must have wished you were playful Elmo, friendly Big Bird or greedy Cookie Monster? Here is your chance to live out that dream! Each character has different properties, ranging from anti-wrinkles to brightening effect.

Price before cashback: ₱170

Price after cashback:  ₱161.50

Monstory Cool Cool Mon Slow-Aging Sleeping Mask

Cool Cool Mon Slow-Aging Sleeping Mask

The Cool Cool Mon is an endearing cartoon character that looks like a tear drop with a face and limbs, and makes a perfect mascot for Monstory’s Slow-Aging Sleeping Mask because of your carefree and blissful it looks. Sure enough, the mask will make your skin feel very happy in our hot tropical climate because it calms your skin down with green caviar and seaweed, which help to discharge harmful energy and heat from your skin.

Price before cashback: ₱1000

Price after cashback: ₱950

PACKage [Ready Set Mask] 1st Collaboration of PACKage With Hapooooom

If you are a book lover or storybook addict, this is the one for you. With your masks coming to you in the form of a book-esque box, you will immediately feel like you are drawn into this world of cheerful colours and dreamy images of blue skies, white clouds and hot air balloons. Let your body take a rest with these skin products which include facial masks, foot care and nose strips. Not only are the masks pleasant on the skin, they are extremely pleasing for eyes too.

Price before cashback: ₱24

Price after cashback: ₱22.80

Y.E,T. Don’t worry Mask Sheet

Don't Worry Masks

Get a glimpse of cheeky Korean humour with these Don’t Worry masks! Even the name sounds light-hearted and happy, but the sparkly cartoon characters on the packaging are what will really win your heart over. These masks each target dead cells, rough skin and oil respectively, and uses natural ingredients such as cacao, collagen and lemon extracts. They certainly will leave your skin radiating with positive energy!

Price before cashback: ₱23

Price after cashback: ₱21.85

Holika Holika Brand Day Baby Pet Magic Mask Sheet

Baby pet masks

Role-play as a goofy bull dog, panda, seal or tabby cat with the Brand Day Baby Pet Magic Mask Sheet! The really cool part about these masks is that the faces of these animals are printed on the masks themselves, and each of these pets has its own story and name: vitality panda, whitening seal, anti-wrinkle pug and soothing cat. Suitable for all skin types, these masks will be good material for loads of fun and laughter during a girls’ night in!

Price before cashback: ₱90

Price after cashback: ₱85.50

Holika Holika Brand Day Gold Monkey Glamour Lip 3 Step

Golden monkey lip kit

Want plump, alluring, kissable lips? Try the Day Gold Monkey Glamour Lip by Holika Holika! In case you’re wondering why the name Gold Monkey, the golden monkey is printed on the pastel coloured packaging showing you how to apply the lip kit, which is super adorable! The steps are quite elaborate, making sure that your lips are silky smooth, moist and dewy, just the way you want them to be before you kiss your special someone.

Price before cashback: ₱100

Price after cashback: ₱95

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Steam Towel

Volcanic Steam Towel

Is it a moon? Or a piece of pita bread? Or a large white wafer? No, it is Innisfree’s resusable Volcanic Steam Towel which helps you open up your pores and remove dead skin and sebum, so that the mask that you put on after that can reach its maximum beautifying effect on your face! The design of the towel is simple, but also elegant and rustic. The best part? You can wash the towel after use, and use it multiple times again, which makes it very value for money!

Price before cashback: ₱240

Price after cashback: ₱228

Tony Moly Egg Pore Tightening Cooling Pack

Egg Cooling Pack

Eggs are arguably one of the best foods that happened in this world, and it only gets better knowing that you can have a “egg” that is good for your skin as well. Tony Moly’s Egg Pore Tightening Cooling Pack helps to cool your skin, as well as open and loosen your pores, so that your skin will feel refreshed at the end. Tony Moly has two “egg” products available on Althea, and if you’re a lover of “hardboiled eggs”, check out the Tony Moly Egg Pore Blackhead Steam Balm too.

Price before cashback: ₱350

Price after cashback: ₱332.50

With so many masks out there that look generic, it is time to spice up your life with some humour and fun with these whacky, sweet and entertaining masks! Remember to stay pretty, stay sassy and stay cheerful with Althea and its amazing K-beauty products!

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