In Filipino culture, mothers are considered as the ilaw ng tahanan. As the light and hope of the home, our mothers constantly guide and protect us through ups and downs. Every single mother in the world has their own way of nurturing, but when it comes to Filipino moms, there’s always a common denominator.


From crazy sermons to hilarious mom lines, we’ve listed the classic funny Pinay mom lines every Filipino kid will relate to:


Classic Funny Pinay Mom Lines You Will Relate To


“Kaka-computer mo ‘yan!”

When you tell your mom that your head is aching or you’re feeling under the weather.


“Oh! Bakit di ka makasagot?”

“Uhm, mom, you’re scary eh.”


“Pag kinakausap ka, sumagot ka!”

Literally every Pinoy mom when they ask you something and you don’t respond.


“Aba! Sumasagot ka na!”

Literally every Pinoy mom when you answer them after asking you to respond.


“Para kang may katulong, linisin mo ‘yan!”

This line is without a fail every time you don’t wash your own dishes or you don’t clean your mess.


“Papunta ka pa lang, pabalik na ako.”

Once she gets philosophical, you know something’s about to go down.


“Ibabato ko sa’yo ‘tong hawak ko!”

Nope, she’s never doing that. She loves you. She’s just mad.


“Anak ka talaga ng tatay mo!”

Yup, she’s not just mad at you. She’s also mad at your dad.


“Pag ako namatay, kawawa kayo.”

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“Ipasok mo ‘yan sa kokote mo!”

Opo, mommy. ‘Wag ka na magalit.


“Anong akala mo sa akin, nagtatae ng pera?”

Literally every Pinoy mom when you ask them for money.


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