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Top 5 Overseas Travel Destinations For Filipinos

There are a million and one reasons to discover the Pearl of the Orient’s over 7,000 islands but Filipinos, being among the world’s most curious bunch of people, are equally not averse to the idea of occasionally venturing out of dear motherland and exploring other countries. These are the top 5 travel destinations Filipinos love to visit.


Classic Pinoy Games That Will Make You Go “Awww, I remember playing that!”

Before the advent of XBox, PS4 and iPads, these classic Filipino games were what kept the kids busy during playtime. They are, however, in danger of going extinct fast. So before they conveniently fall into the abyss of oblivion, let us feel the exhilaration of our traditional childhood with these five out of the legion of traditional games Pinoy kids of my generation – and the ones before – grew up playing.