“All things bright and bold” comes to mind when the name “Nicki Minaj” is mentioned. Known for her outrageous and bold style, the voluptuous singer loves pink as much as she loves flaunting her curves.


Her preferred carry is a hot pink Valentino Rockstud Tote and here is our version of everyday items you can find in it-


First up, a Valentino tote stretches our budget indefinitely so we settled on a cuter hot pink chic hatbox bag. Nicki will approve! Sunnies, lipstick and falsies are must-haves as well.

Unorthodox items include a butt enhancer,


a stuffed snake …


… And wigs because we all know Nicki loves her multicolored mane.

heman green-wigSource


If you do really want to know what’s in her bag, check this out. In summary, she carries 10 lipsticks, furry socks and doesn’t know how to use her wallet.


Products shown above

  • Zalora Pink Hatbox – ₱999
  • Zalora Vans Shady Lane Sunglasses – ₱698
  • Zalora Barbizon Butt Enhancer – ₱449.75
  • Luxola Lavie Lash – ₱198.50
  • Luxola 3ce bad pink lipstick – ₱1058
  • Luxola Bloom Lip Plump – ₱1091
  • Lazada Toy snake – ₱399.95
  • Lazada JCO Synthetic Wig (Light Brown) – ₱999
  • Lazada House of Manikin No.0503 Synthetic Wig (Fuchsia) – ₱1500


We think Miley would have more quirky nuggets in store than Nicki, simply because she is quirkier. To upkeep her wild and provocative streak, she probably has quite a few interesting items in her bag…


An American Flag printed bag pack would come closest to her style. Because it’s a Party in the U.S.A that’s why!

We also think she has some tape in her bag…


And a red rogue, shaver, tongue cleaner and fake hair buns…



No doubt she’s into skulls.

And she definitely needs to carry some form of her signature wrecking ball legacy in a cutesy iPhone cover.

But despite the outrageous and controversial styles Miley has going on, she does have a cute childlike side of her, which is why we included the adorable cat scarf in the collage.

Don’t believe us? Check out what kind of furniture fills Miley’s room here.

hatersProducts shown above


It seems like we’re counting down from weird, weirder, to weirdest. Well, Lady Gaga definitely kicks ass when it comes to being just plain weird. We’re pretty sure she has some seriously weird items in her weird bag too.

But while I was embarking on my research on Lady Gaga’s fashion style to get some inspiration on what might possibly be in her bag, I realised she doesn’t really carry bags due to her extravagant costumes. So, I decided that nothing would be more interesting than to showcase a list of her weirdest outfits.

Purely for entertainment, this is a list of the top 5 weirdest outfits she has ever worn.

1.  Human Hedgehog with 360degree spikes


2.  Overly Obsessed Butcher


3.  The 100-year old wig


4.  The Adam’s family ft. Lady Gaga


5.  Paper Shredder


6.  Displaced Yeti


7.  ???


I mean, what could possibly be in her bag?

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