The land of e-commerce is no longer unfamiliar territory here in the Philippines – giants like Lazada, ShopBack and even Facebook (where you can do almost anything, even sell) have risen to fame, and now you can buy almost anything under the sun with a simple tap of your finger. But while we’re no stranger to buying a gadget or two, or even a pair of shoes, online, there’s actually a whole world more of life essentials we can buy online that we never knew we could get our hands on. Here are a few of these online deals to get through Shopback.

1. Load to keep calling

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Ever got that sinking feeling when you realize you’re in an emergency, and you don’t have enough load to send an SMS or to call someone? Luckily, almost all malls have free Wifi access, so if you find yourself in a sticky situation, you can buy load from Lazada. And as an added bonus, if you buy from Lazada using ShopBack, you can even get a 5.00% discount if you’re a Smart, Sun and TNT subscriber!

  • How to avail: Go to Loads

2. Diapers for the little ones

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Gone are the days of lining up in drug stores just to get diapers. You can stock up on more than what you need – because, let’s face it, it’s pretty inconvenient to learn you’ve run out of diapers right when you need them – now that you can shop for them online and get great discounts too. You can get up to 15% discount on Mamy Poko diapers, 5% discount from Pampers, and 20% off from Huggies with ShopBack.

3. Milk to keep the kids well fed

Just like diapers, milk is an ultimate necessity, and it’s a huge pain when it runs out. You make the most bang out of your buck for milk here: there’s a promo for 9% rebate for purchases from Php 450 and above for Bonakid, the same rate for Php 395 and above worth of Lactum, and the same again for Php 165 and above worth from PediaSure.

4. NYX Makeup

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NYX makeup is such a well-loved favorite (am I right, ladies and gentlemen?) that you’d probably end up hating yourself if you don’t take this deal right now. If you buy NYX make up worth Php 161, you’ll get 9.00% of your money back – and the same goes if you buy any Nyx Lip Cream Picks worth Php 349. If you’re eyeing the Nyx Makeup Plum Collection, you can also get 2.00% cashback for any purchase worth Php 629 and above!

  • How to avail: Go to NYX for all makes up deals

5. Sephora Beauty Products

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So you ordered a ton of beauty products on Sephora, and you’re wondering if there’s any discount hidden in there – after all, looking pretty shouldn’t have to burn a hole through your wallet! Makeup aficionados, you’re in luck: if you’re going for their eyeliners, you can get 5.00% cashback for any purchase worth Php 152 and above, and if your loot reaches Php 1300, you get free delivery. It’s a pretty sweet deal for the pretty ladies if you ask us!

6. Xiaomi Yi Dashcam

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Been eyeing that dashcam for a while now, but you can’t decide if it’s worth the money? It might just well be – not just for security, but because you can get your money back too. Here’s a treat for you: you can get 4.00% of your money back on a Xiaomi Yi Dashcam for any purchase worth Php 4,300 and above. Watch out before stocks run out!

  • How to avail: Go to Xiaomi at our Tech Sale page

7. Groceries

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Who knew you could order your groceries online – and who knew you could get great discounts and promos from it, too? Robinsons Supermarket took their aisles to the internet, and you can shop for anything here – whether it’s pasta for your next romantic date or just your regular monthly grocery cart. Skip the long lines and take Php 500 off your first delivery when you sign up! After that, you can even get 6.00% of your money back for every purchase.

8. Tools, Paint and Car Accessories

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Have you ever found yourself with a car that needs fixing – but the tools you need are out of reach, and you needed that same car to drive you to the hardware store? What about a wall that needed a repaint, or a leaky bathroom faucet that needed repairs? You don’t have to drop everything just to go to the hardware store anymore. As a matter of fact, you can get any item from Ace Hardware online and delivered to you for free if you live in Metro Manila. You also get 9.00% of your money back on any purchase, and pay using cash on delivery or your credit card!

9. Fashion from Forever 21

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Forever 21 throws some of the best Sale parties among clothing stores, but did you know you could max that out even more by shopping online? Get everything you want during their End Of Season Sale at only USD 15 and under, and get exclusive access to fashion apparel from the US from USD 0.99. Forever 21 also ships to the Philippines – yup, you can get clothes straight from the original source – so hurry while the sale’s going on!

10. Pamper your Pet

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Our little furry friends are part of the family too – and we make sure to show our love by showering them with all the tender love and care in the world! If you’re the type to really dedicate time and effort to hunt for the best bang-for-your-buck pet care items, you’ll find a pleasant surprise in PetCo. You can get toys for your pets on sale using ShopBack, and get everything you need for pet baths starting at an affordable rate of Php 250. You can also get 35% of your money back monthly when you stock up on cat and dog food!

  • How to avail: Go to PetCo

11. Blood Pressure Monitors to Check on Your Health

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Blood pressure monitors aren’t only so much of a hassle to find – they’re a hassle to buy too, and are notorious for making you crack open that piggy bank. Not to worry though: you can get yours and get 10% of your money back through ShopBack, plus get free delivery from Lazada if you live anywhere in Metro Manila. Gone are the days of second guessing if you should still reach out for that last piece of Lechon!

12. Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Products

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A big fan of Johnson and Johnson’s baby products? If you look at your bedroom drawers and find it filled with your baby powder, cologne, no-tear shampoo and soap favorites from Johnson and Johnson, you may want to consider this pretty sweet deal. When you run out of your current stock, head over to ShopBack and get a refill at 30% off. You read that right – that’s everything you like to buy less one third the price!

13. Strollers

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Just when we thought we’ve run out of things to buy to help us take better care of our adorable little ones, then comes another stellar deal. If you’re looking for strollers, look no more: you can get your own at 5.00% cashback from AliExpress if you buy a stroller worth Php 512, and up to 4.00% cashback if you buy from Takatack starting at Php 860. You can also get 9% cashback from FisherPrice if you buy anything worth Php 1999 and above.

14. New Mobile phones

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The latest upgrades for mobile phones just keep coming in, and if you’re the type to want to keep up with tech, you’ll want this pretty awesome deal. With ShopBack, you can get discounts from three smartphone powerhouses: Nokia, Samsung, and Apple. Get your hands on the new Nokia 8, Samsung Galaxy S8 or even iPhone X with up to 5.00% cashback via AliExpress (Nokia), and 9.00% cashback via Lazada (Samsung and Apple).

15. Laptops and tablets

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Getting your hands on a new laptop is easier now more than ever, too. If you were eyeing a Lenovo Ideapad 11.9″ (original price: Php 9,999), you can get up to 9.00% cashback for it on Lazada. If it was an Asus 14″ (original price: Php 18,200) that was on your mind, you can get up to 4.00% cashback via Takatack. And if you’ve been wanting a Samsung Chromebook for the longest time now, you can get your own Samsung Chromebook 3 (original price: Php 15,677) via Galleon at 7.00% cashback!

  • How to avail: Go to Lazada for more online sales

Get all you need online and get cashback

Want to know an even better secret? It’s not only life essentials you can get sweet online deals from – you can also get great travel and restaurant deals from ShopBack too. You don’t have to burn a hole through your pockets just to live well and get what you want – you can shop the smart way and get your money back each time you make a purchase. Yup – that means you can avoid long lines and traffic jams just by shopping from the comfort of your home, and you don’t have to wait for the next sale to save a lot!

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