Stay asleep longer, wake up well-rested


Anyone who has ever worked a 9-5 job knows exactly how important it is to have a good night’s sleep. Sleep is critical because it affects your emotional, mental, and physical health especially in your everyday life. According to studies, poor sleep quality affects decision-making and concentration which may lead to feelings of anxiety and irritability. 


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So, what’s a good way to sleep properly at night? Everyone has their own sleeping tricks, but if you’re seriously experiencing sleep disturbances, the following product might be the adequate solution to your problem.


Here are reasons why the Emma Sleep Mattress is your best choice:


Elastic and Washable Mattress Cover

Emma Original Mattress

Soft-to-the-touch, elastic, and slip minimizing. Removable and machine-washable.


Breathable, Eco-Friendly Layer

Designed to cushion you progressively into the mattress. Breathable to help regulate body heat. Eco-friendly because we care about the planet.


7-Zone Layer

The 7-Zone foam center is designed to relieve pressure differently depending on the body part it’s expected to support.


Base Layer

Emma Sleep’s foundational base has incisions that allow the mattress to support and be pressure-relieving for everyone at every size. 


Good news! From January 17-29, Emma Sleep is offering huge discounts on their top-of-the-line mattresses for their New Year Sale. Check out the following deals:

35% off on Emma Original Single

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