Siargao Island is fast-becoming a favourite destination of surfers from different parts of the world. This unassuming island off the northeastern coast of Mindanao in the southern part of the Philippine archipelago has seen tourist arrivals increase rapidly since the early 2010s. In 2018, it was named one of the world’s best islands by readers of Conde Nast Traveler, a prestigious travel magazine. Since then, both surfers and non-surfers alike have been drawn to the island’s beauty.

Is Siargao on your travel bucket list this 2019? Plan your trip properly so that you can make the most out of your vacation time. Check out our tips on the best places to stay from hotels and resorts to unique Airbnb. Whatever your travel budget is, there is a perfect place for you.

Siargao Travel Basics

Getting There

Image Credit: Joel Vodell | Unsplash

With a small airport in the municipality of Del Carmen, air travel is the fastest way to reach Siargao. There are direct flights from key cities such as Manila, Cebu, Clark and Davao, served by several domestic airlines. If you are feeling more adventurous, you can also try the ferries that come from Surigao City, which take you to the port in the Dapa municipality.

From the airport, visitors need to travel by land to the other end of the island, to the municipality of General Luna. There are vans for rent right outside the airport and the trip takes about 45 minutes. Oftentimes. you can share a van with other passengers heading to General Luna. Each person usually pays PHP300 (around US$ 6) per way. Other options are renting motorcycles and smaller vehicles called multi-cabs.

Best Time to Visit

If you are going to Siargao to experience surfing life, you can go there almost any time of the year. If you want to do some island hopping and exploring however, the best times to go are during the dry season, from March to November.

Live the Luxe Life in One of These Hotels

Yes, you read it right. If you want to live it up on one of the world’s best islands, you have quite a few places to choose from. All of the hotels and other accommodations are highly-rated for luxury stays and amenities, and best of all, the privacy that it provides its guests.

1. Nay Palad Hideaway

Image Credit: Nay Palad Hideaway | Facebook

On top of the list is the Nay Palad Hideaway, which boasts of what it calls “barefoot paradise.” For a flat rate of around PHP 75,000 (about US$ 1,450) a night for two persons, you will be treated like royalty during your stay. You can choose to take your breakfast or any meal anywhere around the resort, even on the beach. The resort itself is surrounded by mangrove forests and coconut trees, while a gorgeous white sand beach is only a few steps away.

2. Siargao Bleu Resort and Spa

Image Credit: Siargao Bleu Resort | Facebook

Siargao Bleu Resort and Spa is a triple-A resort and spa that boasts of the biggest swimming pool on the island – all 1600 square meters of it. You can choose to spend the whole day surfing, as Cloud 9 is only a 5-minute walk. Or you can stay in the whole day, enjoying the resort’s amenities or a pampering treatment at its world-class spa. It offers unique floating cottages that offer a stunning pool view and an indoor jacuzzi tub. For around PhP 15,000 per night for two persons, what more can you ask more?

3. Lux Siargao Boutique Hotel

For a grand family vacation or bigger groups in general, a top choice is the Lux Siargao Boutique Hotel. This property prides itself as being your “home away from home,” with its amenities and services. Located in a private compound with a beachfront, you can enjoy the privacy of a resort. Cloud 9 is a stone’s throw away, but if you get tired of the beach, you can always lounge by the private pool. This property is also popular for family events like weddings and parties.

One-of-a-Kind Accommodations

4. The Triangle House Siargao

Image Credit: The Triangle House Siargao Facebook

For those visitors looking for one-of-a-kind places to spend their vacation in, Siargao has many options to offer as well. The Triangle House Siargao is one such property. Unlike most accommodations, this one is situated in a quiet part of General Luna, within a grove of coconut trees. Because of its location, it is a perfect choice for couples who want some peace and quiet. You will love the unique A-frame design of the house, as it lets in natural light and the cool breeze. The property is accessible via bicycle or motorbike, for an average price of PHP 3,70o per night.

5. White Banana Beach Club

Image Credit: White Banana Beach Club Facebook

Have you ever heard of a luxury dorm? White Banana Beach Club is exactly that. Guests are accommodated in rooms with 6 bunk beds, a shared seating area and a shared bathroom. Whether you are travelling solo or with a group of friends, White Banana promises a fun stay in Siargao. Those who love chilling by the bar and listening to live music will love it here. Billiards are also popular here, with facilities open to guests. Another must-try is the seafood restaurant and the amazing bar with a wide array of cocktails and concoctions. The average price per night is PhP2,300 per person.

6. Surfing Carabao

Image Credit: Surfing Carabao Facebook

Aside from the unique name, Surfing Carabao offers uniquely-designed beach houses in a quiet neighbourhood, far from the busy tourist area. Peace and quiet are in abundance here – you can choose to lounge by the beach or take a nap on the hammock. After a day trip to the town centre or the surf area, this is the perfect place to rest. Guests who want to cook their own meals can do so here at the property’s communal kitchen. Three types of accommodations are available: the beach houses, the beach kubos (huts) and the villa. You can expect to spend around PhP 4,000 per night here.

7. Hygge

Image Credit: Hygge AirBnB

True to the concept of ‘hygge” which means cosy and comfortable in Danish, the cottages of Hygge in Siargao offer guests a cosy stay and so much more. The property has three cottages available and between them, they share a communal fire and BBQ pit. Each cottage is uniquely decorated and has its own private kitchen where guests can prepare their own meals. The property is only 2 minutes away from Cloud 9. Cottages can accommodate up to 4 persons comfortably, for an average price of PhP4,000 per night.

8. Balay Hayahay

Image Credit: Balay Hayahay Facebook

Another quirky place to stay in Siargao is Balay Hayahay. Hayahay in the local dialect means comfortable and this is what this property promises its guests. Guests get to stay in small, triangle-shaped huts made of native materials. Airconditioning is available in each cottage. Guests can use the shared bathroom facilities, as well as the kitchen for their meals. This a favourite among young travellers who enjoy the one-of-a-kind ambience of the place. It is also among the cheapest options, priced at an average of PhP1,500 per night.

Surf’s Up in Siargao!

Although our list of Siargao hotels is not exhaustive, we have put together a wide array of choices for every kind of traveller. Whether you are travelling to heed the call of the waves, or just wanting a regular dose of vitamin Sea, we’ve got you covered. So get those vacation days lined up and plan your dream Siargao vacation. Now.