There are many reasons to get an eyelash extension. The process itself is harmless, and it has several cosmetic benefits. An eyelash extension lasts longer and therefore you no longer have to wear fake eyelashes. This will cut down the time needed to do your makeup. Secondly, it makes your eyes look bigger, brighter and more lifted.

If you are looking to try eyelash extensions for the first time, we tell you all you need to know and where to go to get it done in Metro Manila.

What is the process like?

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During the eyelash extension process, synthetic eyelash fibres are attached to the ends of your natural lashes using a safe, medical-grade glue. The extensions you choose can vary in length and size. Usually, the available fibres will give you an extension of about 6mm to 18mm.  You can also choose from different levels of curling, whether you want a straight or a strong upwards curl.

Synthetic extensions will usually last about a month and a half or so. This is in tandem with the natural growth cycle of your eyelashes, where they fall out and are replaced by new ones.

The extension process takes about an hour or two to complete depending on the number of lashes you will need to apply, so that’s how much time you have to block off on your schedule.

Experts advice: Avoid wearing mascara or applying oil-based foundation, BB cream or primer around your eyes prior to the treatment. Make sure you go with clean lashes and skin so your lashes will adhere better.

Where can I go to get my eyelashes extended?

Metro Manila is full of beauty saloons dedicated to eyelash extensions. These places offer competitive packages and good service, so you can find one that’s nearest to you.

1. Ooh La Lash

Ooh La Lash eyelash saloon
Image credit: Ooh La Lash FB

This cheerful-looking eyelash saloon does classic eyelash extensions starting from P890. There’s also eyelash perming for P350. They also do eyelash and eyebrow perming and tinting. You’ll be able to enjoy your sessions in a relaxing, pastel atmosphere.

  • Locations: Quezon City, Pasig, San Juan, Makati, Pasay
  • Opening hours: Daily, 10am-8pm
  • Facebook:

2. Benibana Beauty Hub

Benibana San Juan, Manila
Image credit: Benibana Beauty Hub FB

Benibana offers Japanese eyelash lifts and extensions using the latest last technologies from that region. You’ll be guaranteed long-lasting, beautiful lashes starting from about P900.

  • Address: Flossom Place, #187 N. Averilla St., Sta. Lucia, San Juan
  • Opening hours: Daily, 10am-10pm
  • Facebook:

3. Browhouse

Eyelash extension chair
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Browhouse offers two types of lash extensions, cluster extensions, and individual lash extensions. Of these two, cluster extensions (P2750)  look thicker and are suitable for night time looks while individual lash extensions are lighter and suitable for everyday office wear.

  • Locations: Quezon City, Mandaluyong, Makati, Taguig, Manila
  • Opening hours: Daily, 10am-9pm depending on branch
  • Facebook:

How to maintain your eyelash extensions longer?

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On average, extended eyelashes last for about a month to two months. However, certain actions can actually cause your lashes to fall faster. Here’s how you can keep them on longer:

  1. Don’t use oil-based cleansers. Oil-based cleansers and cosmetics tend to disrupt the glue that’s used to hold the eyelash extensions in place. As far as possible, you should check the contents of your facewash and skincare products to make sure they are oil-free.
  2. Avoid rubbing your eyes. This physical movement can dislodge the lash fibres that are attached. If your eyes are itchy, use eye drops or wash your eyes with clean water and pat them dry.
  3. Clean your lashes. If you use eye makeup, clean your lashes and eyes with oil-free makeup remover or specialized oil-free lash cleansing lotions.
  4. Use oil-free mascara. In general, you don’t have to use mascara as your lashes will look naturally thicker. However, if you must, always stick to using oil-free mascara, and use it sparingly.
  5. Go for refills regularly. Experts recommend going for refills every two weeks. Don’t miss your appointments as delays may cause you to need an entirely new set.

You can look online for all your oil-free skin care and cosmetic needs. Sites like Sephora and Althea are great places to start. Our health and beauty promo codes will definitely come in handy for some discounts, freebies and more.