As the famous quote goes ” A bargain ain’t a bargain unless it’s something you need.” Arguably true. We dare to say that if a bargain is a really good bargain, then we will need it for sure. Nothing beats the satisfaction you feel after getting the item you have been pining for a half of the price.

We wanted to know what were your top “shopping happiness” moments and asked our online community of savvy shoppers to share their most significant and memorable purchases from last year’s sales.

Interested to know what have they bought online and how much they saved? Keep reading and get inspired to go online and get your own shopping deals during this year’s sales.

Main online shopping categories to look out for during sales

We’re gearing up for the big sales season of the year but before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s look at what last year’ s ‘Ber’ season offered us regarding discounts and promos. Looking at all the replies (see table), 9.9, 11.11 and 12.12 are key dates well known to Filipino shoppers due to their solid deals on fashion, beauty, gadgets and home appliances. Let’s see what were the big online purchases by category.

1. Beauty

Shut Up Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie happy Skin cosmetics philippines
Image credit: HappySkin Cosmetics

Beauty was a significant shopping category for our community members throughout the sales season. The discounts on makeup, shampoos, skin care and others can go up to 50%. One of our members got a Sleek brow duo and Happy Skin lipstick for less than half the regular price. For this 9.9 onwards you, beauty junkies, keep note of all the makeup, hair and facial related buys because you are in for a treat.

2. Fashion and accessories

There is no better time to revamp your closet than sales periods. You get all the coveted trendy pieces and timeless fashion staples for much less. Last year, our members invested in dresses, t-shirts and shoes and were able to between 25 to 50% on their favourite fashion items.

3. Groceries

Shake and share from Nescafe in Philippines
Image credit: Shopee/Nescafe

Big sales seasons don’t necessarily mean that you will invest only in bigger and more expensive products. Often you will find good deals on groceries and everyday items. There is some great grocery buys nabbed by some of our users, from coffee and milk to personal hygiene items. Centavo by centavo, you will fill that piggy bank fast. You will be surprised at how much you can save on these small items if you choose to do your weekly or monthly shopping during one of the sales campaigns.

4. Home and appliances

American Heritage 43L Electric Oven Philippines
Image credit: Shopee

Turns out that sales season is also a good time to invest in your home and update a few of the appliances you need. One of our members to the opportunity to get a screwdriver set, new mesh screen doors for the house, while other went big and bold and got a brand new electric oven with over 50% discount. Do you want a new coffee machine? Maybe the vacuum cleaner needs replacement? Keep an eye out for the discounts from September onwards.

5. Electronics and others

Kamiliant pinnado spinner 77/ 28 luggage
Image credit: Kamiliant

The favourite items on everyone wishlists also see their original prices cut off during sales: mobile phones, power banks, laptops, cameras, smartwatches and game consoles. Canon camera and ps4 games were some of the big purchases for the community members last year. If you take it as an example for this year, this will be the time to get the latest Monster Hunter game or even get a new Xbox or a Nintendo Switch.

Best online purchases and maximum savings from our Community

We asked our community about their best buys during last year sales and our members answered our call. Here is the summary of all the products bought with discounts, cashback or vouchers.

What did you buy during last year online sales?How much?Original PriceWhenStoreCategory
Maybelline Fit Me foundationPhp 199Php 3999.9, 11.11 and 12.12LazadaBeauty
OGX shampoo + Conditioner around 600 ml eachPhp 1198 for the setPhp 600 each9.9, 11.11 and 12.12LazadaBeauty
Sleek lipsticksPhp 135 eachPhp 4009.9, 11.11 and 12.12LazadaBeauty
Sleek brow duoPhp 225Php 4009.9, 11.11 and 12.12LazadaBeauty
Happy Skin LipstickPhp 99Php 4009.9, 11.11 and 12.12LazadaBeauty
Beauty products from Altheaaround Php 2000++-11.11AltheaBeauty
Clothes, Shoes, Sandals and a WatchAround Php 7000Sa watch, around 50%. Clothes and sandals around 30%. Shoes around 25%. Again sale items then voucher. Then their bulk deals like buy 3 get 30% off11.11 and 12.12ZaloraFashion & Electronics
NESTEA products, NESCAFE products, Banana Bed, Powerbank, Cologne, Tshirt, Stun Gun, Bag, CP, Mesh Screen Door, CP Cover, Underwear, Soap, Load, Screwdriver Set, Olay ProductsAround Php 20,000 (used a voucher, Shopback and Flash Sale)- 11.11 and 12.12LazadaGroceries, Home & appliances, Beauty, Electronics
Nescafe Shake and Share twin packPhp 99Php 100 per pack11.11 and 12.12LazadaGroceries
NESTEA Wintermelon Milk Teabuy 1 take 1Php 199 for 2Php 180/box11.11LazadaGroceries
Baby diaper, milk, clothes, toiletries and cpPhp 8000-11.11LazadaGroceries
Kamiliant pinnado spinner 77/ 28 luggagePhp 2625 (super sulit!!)Php 60009.9, 11.11 and 12.12LazadaHome & Appliances
American heritage 43L ovenAround php 2500Php 35009.9, 11.11 and 12.12LazadaHome & Appliances
Sewing machinePhp 999Php 270011.11LazadaHome & Appliances
Camera Canon M6Php 30,000 (pretty big discount)~ Php 52,00011.11LazadaElectronics
Various Ps4 gamesaround Php 4000from ~ Php 1000 each gameBFCMWalmartElectronics

These shopping examples are just the tip of the online shopping iceberg. Get your wishlist ready and save some budget for your year-end shopping. Big sales are coming your way soon! To find out more about this year’s biggest sales, check ShopFest.

What are you looking forward to buying this ‘Ber’ season? Let us know in the comments.