Now’s the best time to catch up on Nintendo Switch games!


In the era of social distancing, many of us are now stuck at home—working, studying, or simply just getting by—to minimise physical contact and help stem the spread of the virus.

That means that it’s the perfect time for you to catch up on all of those great Nintendo Switch games you’ve missed for one reason or another. Need some suggestions? We’ve put together our best recommendations for games you can play while you have the time:

Here Are The Best Nintendo Switch Games You Should Be Playing Right Now


Animal Crossing

If you’re looking for an escape from what is happening in the world right now, why not build a virtual paradise of your own? With Animal Crossing, you can create a home, interact with cute animal villagers and neighbors, and build your community from scratch on a deserted island!



Are you looking for a game similar to Diner Dash and Cooking Dash that allows up to 4 people to play? If yes, Overcooked is the game you should get your hands on! Get to unlock new levels, characters, kitchens, and more as you win each head-to-head culinary competition!


Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

If you’ve been following the Pokemon franchise, you’ve probably heard about Sword and Shield. You might ask: What’s the difference between the two? Well, there are legendaries, wild Pokemons, and gym leaders exclusive to each version. What makes them similar is their story as players have the opportunity to go on a quest in the new Galar region to challenge leaders and unravel the mystery behind the exclusive legendary Pokemons: Zacian and Zamacenta! Our recommendation? It’s always great to try the best of both worlds!


Luigi’s Mansion 3

Imagine a haunted hotel where Mario is missing, and the only hope left is Luigi… sounds interesting, right? Challenge yourself by finishing puzzles, fighting ghosts, and saving Mario from the gates of hell with Luigi’s Mansion 3, an action-adventure game that can accommodate up to 8 players!


The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of Wild

Tagged as “Game Of The Year” last 2017, The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of Wild is an adventure that you should not sleep on! Step into a world of discovery, adventure, and exploration in this boundary-breaking game that follows the journey of Link in exploring the Kingdom of Hyrule. If you’re up for some wild adventure, this is the game that you should play!


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

If you want to enjoy a game with your favorite Nintendo characters, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is definitely the one you’re looking for. Play a series of crossover fighting games using characters such as Mario, Luigi, Sonic the Hedgehog, and more!


Stardew Valley

One of the best games you could play during this era of isolation is Stardew Valley. Imagine Pokemon, The Sims, and Harvest Moon in one—this is what you’d get. This pixelated RPG game takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city to focus on building a farm on the outskirts of Pelican Town.


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