It is simply impossible to hate Italian food –no matter how many times you’ve had them- because of its unique burst of flavours and a wide range of dishes. From pasta to pizza, lasagna, tortellini, and tiramisu; the list is endless! While there are a large number of Italian restaurants all over the country, we have listed down some of our favourites right here in Metro Manila!

So, read on to find out where you can go for a delicious Italian meal this weekend!

Time to Curb Your Italian Food Cravings

1. Bistro Ravioli

italian restaurant in manila
Image Credit: Bistro Ravioli | Facebook

Starting off as a kiosk, this affordable Italian restaurant garnered a lot of attention and soon opened up their very own bistro, which then multiplied all over the city. Apart from ravioli, this bistro does serve other Italian dishes such as pizza and tiramisus that you can never get enough of! Each of these is crafted to perfection using only fresh ingredients and recipes that have been passed down for generations.

  • Address: 2nd Floor, Glorietta 3, Ayala Center, Makati City
  • Contact: +63 922 887 8379

2. Mama Lou’s

italian dining in manila
Image Credit: Mama Lous Italian Restaurant | Facebook

Believe it or not, this family restaurant first started in the kitchen of the late Malou Tremblay and Richard. Wanting to serve homecooked Italian dishes to guests, the two officially opened their home restaurant in 2010. Now Mama Lou’s offer a wide range of Italian delicacies with over 10 types of pizzas, homemade pasta, antipasti, and Alfredo –to name a few. They also serve a delicious array of meat and seafood mains that are sure to satisfy your taste buds. The restaurant makes a perfect spot for families and couples alike, with affordable prices and a cosy interior.

  • Address: Block 1 Lot 36 Tropical Avenue corner Palace Street BF International, Las Pinas, 1700 Metro Manila, Philippines

3. Bellini’s Italian Restaurant 

italian restaurant in manila
Image Credit: Bellini’s Italian Restaurant

If you pay much importance to the ambience, then Bellini’s should be your place to go. It is a favourite among those who don’t mind spending some extra bucks for an authentic Italian experience. The interior walls come painted with gorgeous sceneries of places in Italy, and it’ll be impossible to miss the tiny leaning tower of Pisa on one of them! So if that tickles your fancy then be sure to give Bellini’s a shot!

  • Address: 310 Shoe Ave, Sto Nino, Marikina, 1800 Metro Manila, Philippines

4. Trufa Pasta Bar

italian restaurant in metro manila
Image Credit: Trufa Pasta Bar | Facebook

Unlike your regular Italian restaurants, Trufa Pasta Bar allows you to tailor your pasta to your liking. There are 3 main steps to this, first, you choose from over 10 different salsa toppings. Then pick your most liked type of pasta and lastly top it off with your favourite Allegria. Trufa also offers a scrumptious array of appetizers, salads, and delicious fusion of pasta and paella and of course their to-die-for set of desserts! 

  • Address: 109 Esteban Street, Planters Bldg, Unit A. Makati City, Philippines

5. Cibo

italian dining CIBO in manila
Image Credit: CIBO | Facebook

Cibo was first opened more than 2 decades ago by none other than the 2016’s Asia’s Best Female Chef, Margarita Fores. After learning how to cook from three different Italians in Italy, she worked her way slowly into the food industry, and finally opened up her first restaurant in 1997. Now Cibo has branches all over the city, offering guests an authentic Italian gastronomy experience with most of their ingredients being fresh, of high quality and imported from Italy. They also provide vegetarian options, apart from the regular poultry and seafood options.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to have a taste of their mouthwatering dips while you’re there!

  • Address: Space 2-055 2L Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Brgy. San Lorenzo, Makati City

6. Ponte Rialto

fancy italian restaurant in metro manila
Image Credit: Ponte Rialto Ristorante Italiano | Facebook

Named after one of the bridges in Venice, Italy, Ponte Rialto offers a fine-dining experience for all lovers of the exquisite and authentic Italian gastronomy. You can choose to either sit inside, while enjoying the simple minimalistic interior, or outside, taking in the cold breeze, overlooking the gorgeous Venice Canal. Expect nothing but a delicious burst of flavours with every mouth, as all the dishes are carefully crafted using only fresh and imported ingredients. While the price may slightly be on the higher end, it sure lives up to your expectations.

  • Address: A122-A123, Upper McKinley Rd, Taguig, 1630 Metro Manila, Philippines


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