It’s that time of the year again when everyone’s in a festive mood. Christmas is around the corner and you’ll have to start thinking about getting gifts for your family, friends and the office party gift exchange. However, when you look at your available budget, it isn’t doing that great. That’s when you need to be pragmatic and start considering budget-friendly gifts.

In order to help you with your gift-buying this Christmas, we did a little shopping scouting. Here are some of the products you can buy online for under 200P that will make for exciting gifts that are sure to please even the pickiest of friends.

Fancy but Inexpensive Gifts That Everyone Will Love This Xmas

1. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Locket Necklace ( ~ P160)

Aromatherapy pendant
Image credit: Lazada

This aromatherapy necklace is the perfect gift for the friend that is always Zen. The necklace comes with soft fabric based pads where we can drop essential oils on. The wearer can basically carry their favourite scent anywhere with them. The necklace itself is designed to look like a dreamcatcher. It can also be opened so that you can change the cotton pad inside to change the colour of the pendant as well as its scent.

2. Casual Outdoor Sling Bag ( ~P139)

Casual black sling bag
Image credit: Lazada

This trendy bag is an excellent choice for college students and young people who want to sport a casual look. This leather-like model is versatile, big enough to carry your daily essentials and, best of all, it doesn’t cost very much at all.

  • See this sling bad on Lazada Phillippines.

3. Anti Wrinkle Snail Cream ( ~P180)

Oedo snail cream
Image credit: AliExpress

Beauty addicts will love to try this one! Snail cream is extremely popular in South Korea as an anti-ageing and whitening treatment and to treat dry and peeling skin as well. In essence, snail cream is a very effective moisturizing cream that can make skin look brighter and younger. One tub of cream can last at least several months, even with daily usage. The main ingredient here is snail mucin, a protein that’s important for skin cells to grow and reproduce.

  • AliExpress is one place that has this cream so you don’t have to look hard for it.

4. Versatile Women’s Jewellery Watch ( ~P184)

Jewellery watch
Image credit: AliExpress

Looking for a Christmas gift to impress your mon or auntie? An elegant watch will be a good choice to complete any look and take it up a notch. These watches come in several colours including purple, gold, red, blue and multicoloured. The watch has a vine-like pattern with faux gems in each leaf to give the watch a look of luxury. It’s suitable for both the office as well as evening events like parties and weddings.

  • Check out this watch on Aliexpress to see which design fits your taste best.

5. Men’s Felt Wallet ( ~P178)

Men's wallet
Image credit: Aliexpress

If you have any men in your lives who have an old and worn out wallet, this is your chance to give them a brand new one. This basic wallet comes with several slots for cards and a zipper portion where you can keep coins. This is actually what makes this wallet perfect, as not many men’s wallets have a place for coins.

  • AliExpress has this on sale so grab it fast.

6. Rechargeable Men’s Shaver ( P169)

Rechargeable shaver
Image credit: Lazada

This wireless shaver is easy to use and can be brought anywhere when travelling. It looks just like a mobile phone and is just as slim. All the user has to do is turn it on for a clean shave. When the battery runs low, just plug it into any plug point for seamless charging.

  • Find this one on Lazada.

7. Mini Garlic Press ( ~P96)

This cute little contraption is the perfect addition to any kitchen and it saves time during meal prep. No more smelly hands! Rather than chopping garlic cloves by hand, this one gives you instant chopped garlic with just one quick press.

  • This garlic press can be found on Lazada.
mini Press garlic
Image credit: Lazada

Whether you’re buying from Lazada or AliExpress, just use these Aliexpress promotional coupons and Lazada discount codes which will ensure that you can buy gifts at a lower price than usual.

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Featured Image credit: Kira auf der Heide | Unsplash