Books are one of the best things in life, but so is coffee–combine them and you’ll get a Book cafe! Books cafes make life more awesome because you can spend your day reading a book for FREE while drinking coffee and eating your favorite comfort food.

There are different types of book cafes in Metro Manila, here’s your guide to know which one is perfect for your bibliophile mood!

1. Books & Borders Cafe

Books & Borders Cafe 
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This cafe stands out for its book-worthy interior and outstanding coffee. They currently have over 650 books and the latest magazine issues. To borrow one, you have to surrender your ID until you’re finished.

  • Locations: Bonifacio Global City & Quezon City

2. Cool Beans Library Cafe

Cool Beans Library Cafe
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Cool Beans Library Cafe is a favorite amongst students in the Quezon City area. Aside from spazzing over their growing book collection, you’ll also enjoy undisturbed study or work time in their rustic space. They love it when people unplug, maybe it’s time for you too!

  • Location: Quezon City

3. Nook Cafe

Nook Cafe
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If you’re both a book-lover and a Harry Potter fan, The Nook is perfect for you. Aside from all the awesome Harry Potter memorabilia and interior, they also have a complete collection of Harry Potter books you can read while sipping their butterbeer coffee. We suggest you go early ’cause the lines are always long here.

  • Location: Quezon City

4. Cuaderno Fil-Mex Book Cafe

Cuaderno Fil-Mex Book Cafe
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Mexican-food lovers who are also bibliophiles might as well consider this as heaven on Earth. They have a growing collection of books of various genres you can dive into. The question is, do you want nachos or burritos?

  • Location: Malate

5. Press by Fully Booked

Press by Fully Booked
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Press is literally inside a bookstore, Fully Booked, and it has mini book collection you can dive into while you’re waiting for your other co-bibliophiles finish their shopping. So far, everything we’ve tried from them is delicious but for a quick bite, opt for the mozzarella sticks.

  • Location: Makati, San Juan

6. Plaza Cafe

Plaza Cafe
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Plaza Cafe is probably one of the very few book cafes in Makati, the busiest business center in Metro Manila, but it’s also the best one in our opinion. They carry around 300 books, a handful of board games, and serve a mean plate of sandwiches. It’s perfect for either work, read, or play.

  • Location: Makati

7. Amour Bakery

Amour Bakery
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Amour may be a bakery but we think that’s just a front so bibliophiles can have it as their secret hideaway. They serve books, buns, and a whole lot of drinks so you enjoy your date with your chosen read. They have rare finds like interior design books and contemporary novels.

  • Location: Sampaloc, Quezon City, Ermita, Caloocan

8. Cup Fiction

Cup Fiction
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Cup Fiction is our personal favorite because it’s hidden from the crowd and they serve the best-grilled cheese sandwich we’ve ever tasted. The owners of the cafe showcase their personal book collection free for everyone to read and a roster of local books for sale. They have art books, local comics, and even biographies.

  • Location: Quezon City

9. UNO

UNO Cafe
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Uno isn’t your typical book cafe. Since the owner is an author himself, he parades all the local books and comics in his cafe. In addition to coffee, you’re also welcome to enjoy a bottle of beer with your chosen read.

  • Location: Quezon City

10. Neil’s Kitchen

Neil's Kitchen
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Neil’s Kitchen is a restaurant but it also houses “My Father’s Bookstore” which is an awesome store for quick book finds. It’s perfect for both big groups and small groups who love Filipino food and a bit of book shopping on the side.

  • Location: Muntinlupa City

First read, then coffee

Now that you know what are the best book cafes in Metro Manila, where are you first headed to? Lets us know in the comments below!

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