A bedroom is more than just a place to sleep in, but also a spot for relaxing with a good book after a long day. The way you decorate your bedroom affects both your sleep and your mood. Read on to find out how these bedroom essentials will improve your sleep quality.

1. The type of bed matters

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Your bed is an important part of the bedroom, and thus picking the kind of bed you want is important. The type of bed you need depends on you — whether you like high or low beds, or beds with frames or without. You can even choose if you need a bigger bed or a smaller bed. But wait! What’s a bed without a mattress? Like bed frames, mattresses are available in hard or soft, and ergonomic support or none. We recommend getting memory foam mattresses for a better night’s sleep!

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2. Pillows make all the difference

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When it comes to the number of pillows you should have, there are no rules. Yes! get as many pillows as you want. Pillows are love. The only tip is to ensure that you spend on a pillow that offers adequate support for your neck and back. If you’re prone to neck pains and backache, a memory foam pillow can help your condition. You can also have bolsters to hug or plushies that just make the bed a more comfortable and soft place to hang out.

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3. Lighting sets the mood

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The lighting in your bedroom should ideally be soft and warm. Strong cold lights from fluorescent lamps aren’t the best options. Instead, go for lampshades that can be placed on the side tables or stand up by itself. It helps to have more than one of these light sources too, so you can control the amount of light you have in your room at night.

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4. Bedroom mirrors are important too!


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When you get up in the morning, you’ll definitely check out your reflection in the mirror. Whichever bedroom mirror you choose should match the tone of your bedroom. If your bedroom is loud and colourful, go for quirky design. If your bedroom is quiet and muted, go for a more classic feel. You can add some plants around your mirror to get that relaxing vibe!

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5. Let in the light(or keep it out) with some curtains

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Curtains help regulate the amount of light that passes into your room. There are different kinds of curtains available, from light fabric curtains to heavy blackout curtains. If you hate the sun shining on your face in the morning, invest in some blackout curtains to keep the light out.

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A good bedroom ensures a good night’s sleep

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The work you put in to create your dream bedroom will leave your feeling refreshed and energised every morning. Make your bedroom feel like you. After all, “The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, but feels even better to come back.”

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