After choosing the school or university you’ll be attending, what’s the next step? In the Philippines, tertiary and university students will soon be going back to school. To adapt to the ‘new normal’ and to practice social distancing, the majority of schools in the country will only hold online and digital classes – this makes a laptop an essential item for students this year.

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In search of a laptop that’s suitable for studying at home? 


Looking for the best laptop is quite hard as you have to consider a lot of things such as budget, specifications, screen quality, storage, performance, size, and more. Additionally, you have to think about the longevity of the product. Whether you’re looking for a laptop that can handle your daily Zoom classes or a notebook that will stay with you after you graduate, this guide will set you up for success!



Your Back To School Laptop Guide 2020


Dell Chromebook 13

dell laptop
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Pros: Built for speed and simplicity. It starts in seconds and stays fast throughout the day. With up to 8 hours of battery life, you can study and surf from anywhere.

Cons: Sound quality isn’t tremendous, so you might have a hard time hearing your teacher during class.


Bottomline: The Dell Chromebook 13 is fast, up-to-date, versatile, and simple. This is not only an excellent value for money product, but an impressive laptop all around that’s suitable for students on a budget.


Price: P5,912.5 (Up To 2% Cashback)

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HP Streambook

hp streambook
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Pros: Simple and compact yet powerful. It offers long battery life, solid performance, and crisp sound quality, all for a cheap price.

Cons: It literally looks like a toy.


Bottomline: The HP Streambook is a good bargain because of its 4GB of RAM, which means it’s a lot better than it’s similarly priced competitors that only have 2GB. This laptop is guaranteed to last you a whole school year.


Price: P7,999 (Up To 4.5% Cashback)

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Macbook Air 11”

macbook air
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Pros: Small and lightweight, offers strong performance, and has a battery life of 10 hours.

Cons: It doesn’t have Apple’s new Forcepad, so you can’t deep-press when searching for something on Google, for example.


Bottomline: The Macbook Air 11” is light, compact, and cheap – a good choice for those who find the other Apple models expensive and heavy.


Price: P26,000 (Up To 2% Cashback)

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Xiaomi Mi Ruby Notebook

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Pros: Equipped with better performance and can run smoothly with casual games and movies.

Cons: A lot of bugs and heating problems.


Bottomline: The Xiaomi Mi Ruby Notebook is a reliable notebook for students as it’s built to handle applications, video editing, and more. Plus, it’s fairly cheap for its hardware and good screen quality.


Price: P28,486.02 (Up To 2% Cashback)

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Acer Travelmate

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Pros: Has great port selection, a decent 1080p display, and offers extremely fast performance.

Cons: Poor webcam and average battery life.


Bottomline: The Acer Travelmate is a sleek and stylish laptop with a bright display and good performance. Additionally, it also passed multiple military-grade durability tests, so it should withstand any extreme conditions such as high temps, raindrops, etc.


Price: P34,495 (Up To 1.75% Cashback)

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