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Easy Ways to Keep Cool as Summer Approaches

Summer is (almost) here! While some can #beattheheat by expending their resources to head on over to a beach resort or travel to countries with cooler climates, most of us are left to suffer under the tyranny of the summer sun. Fear not, as there are still a number of relatively inexpensive ways one can escape the sweltering temperatures.

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Going Rouge on Chinese New Year

Though Chinese New Year is not widely celebrated in the Philippines, except perhaps by the Fil-Chinese community, it still is an event Filipinos look forward to, if only for the predominantly rouge-inspired fashion, specialty food and the fact that it is a non-working holiday. Yey!


Halalan 2016: Smart Pinoy Voter’s Checklist

Clearly, the anticipated Philippine elections happening in May is going to be quite a showdown with all the mudslinging and grandstanding have already reached an elevated pitch. As smart Pinoy voters, it is our responsibility to vote intelligently and make sure that our votes are counted and our voices heard.


2016 Holidays Every Juan Can Look Forward To

2016 is shaping up to be very travel-friendly for Pinoys with some 19 public holidays and several long weekends. How and where you can spend those long weekends is entirely up to you but if you have more leaves to combine with these long weekends and resources to burn, consider these destinations way beyond the usual ASEAN borders and up your ante in the world travel department.