Strawberry fields music festival australia

Image credits: | Strawberry Fields

Apart from its sunny beaches and kangaroos, Australia is known for its passion for life and good music, with some of the best music acts originating from this jolly country. With affordable flights brought to you by Expedia, you can hop on a plane to immerse in Australia’s fantastic music festivals any time of the year! Here are some of Australia’s best music festivals to head to.


Splendour in the grass australia

Image credits: | Splendour in the Grass

Splendour in The Grass is THE music festival  to catch in Australia if you take your music seriously. Attracting the likes of huge music acts such as Oh Wonder, The XX, Paul Kelly and Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, this is an event that music junkies don’t want to miss. Set in a gorgeous location, Splendour in The Grass is indeed splendid in every sense of the word.

When:  End of July (21-23 July this year)

Where:  North Byron Parklands



Cheers to small intimate venues with Listen Out!

Image credits: | Listen Out

Those who love great music but hate the noisy, stuffy crowds, rejoice because Listen Out is here to the rescue. Soak in carefully curated dance music acts in a small cosy setting amongst fellow dance music lovers! The festival prides itself in being ‘hand-crafted’, and holds gigs all over Australia to offer an intimate and unique experience for gig-goers.

When:  End of September / Beginning of October (23 September – 1 October this year)

Where:  Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney



dragon festival australia

Image credits: | Dragon Dreaming Festival

For some good, clean fun, not filled with alcohol and pot-smoking, look no further than Dragon Dreaming festival. Besides the healthy and safe environment, it offers a wide diversity of music, ranging from reggae to even gypsy.

When:  October (3-6 October this year)

Where:  Wee Jasper, NSW



harbourlife festival australia

Image credits: | Habourlife

Looking for the party of a lifetime? Habourlife is easily one of the most exciting house music festivals in Australia, so you can be sure that everyone will be dancing and grooving the night away with a stunning backdrop of Sydney’s harbour. You know the festival’s gotta be good when tickets are a rare commodity and run out almost as soon as they are released for sale!

When: Beginning of November

Where:  Sydney



strawberry fields festival australia

Image credits: | Strawberry Fields

For the art and music lovers, Strawberry Fields has on offer a range of art installations, performance art and workshops, on top of electronic music from the hottest artists all over the world. This is the festival that proves that music and every other art form can be incorporated seamlessly with one another, and where art knows no limitations. If this is your motto in life, this is where you can meet like-minded individuals!

When:  Mid / End of November (17-19 November this year)

Where:  Australian Bush, 2-3 hours outside Melbourne



subsonic australia

Image credits: | Subsonic Music

Subsonic has gained a reputation for its ground-shaking music – quite literally, actually. This electronic music festival is known for its line-up of dub, techno and hip-hop music. The sick beats and bass lines ringing throughout the festival site is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss out, especially if you are someone who lives and breathes techno music.

When:  Beginning of December (1-3 December this year)

Where:  Riverwood Downs, New South Wales



Lost Paradise Festival Australia

Image credits: | Lost Paradise

Are you a hippie looking for your own little haven of zen, meditation, great food and immersive indie music? Lost Paradise is the New Year’s Eve your wanderer’s soul has been searching and longing for. If you’re looking for a great community and good company beyond the music, you’ll be glad to find a culture of warmth and acceptance in this festival, so go ahead and bask in nature, communal dining and glorious tunes!

When:  Over New Years Eve

Where:  Glenworth Valley, New South Wales (75 minutes outside Sydney)



Field Day Festival Australia

Image credits: | FIELD DAY

Field Day is Sydney’s version of a family affair – intimate, supportive and full of great vibes. Besides the cosy and scenic festival venue, another stand-out factor is its amazing international selection of hip-hop, house, indie and electronic artists. For those with non-mainstream music tastes, you’d love this way of spending your New Years Day.

When:  January 1 (New Years Day)

Where:  Sydney


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