Having makeup on is an immediate confidence boost. It makes you feel good about yourself, especially if you’re going on a date or attending an important event. But you definitely wouldn’t want to face makeup horror where your face gets incredibly oily, or dry patches start showing. We’ve all been there.

So let us recommend the best liquid foundation from drugstores that are super worth their pricetag and guarantees a flawless finish throughout the day.

How To Apply Liquid Foundation Properly

Before you go on to choosing the correct liquid foundation, you need to know how to apply it properly.

For longer lasting makeup on skin, it is definitely recommended to use primer before applying foundation. Key places to prime are the T-zone, areas around the nose and under the eyes.

Reflection of lady in mirror and make up being applied with palettes all around
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A soldier never goes to war without his firearms, so you should never start your makeup without your tools. For a flawless silky finish, a matte foundation brush would give fuller coverage. Those going for a more natural finish can choose a buffing brush or a wedge puff and that will do the trick.

Many ladies still use their fingers to apply liquid foundation. That’s fine too. In fact, it creates a more natural skin-like finish as fingers are able to cover the pores adequately. Keep in mind that beauty is not flawless. It shines even through your flaws.

Here’s the beauty runway of the top 5 most affordable liquid foundation from drugstore makeup brands around town.

1. L’Oreal Infallible Fresh Wear 24H Matte Foundation

L'Oreal Infallible Liquid Foundation
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The choice is clear when it comes to L’Oreal beauty products. After all, they are the leader in the cosmetics market and the world’s largest cosmetics company. As the champions of exclusivity and diversity, their Infallible Fresh Wear Foundation is champion in this range.

Promising up to 24 hours fresh wear foundation, this breakthrough makeup secret is every girl’s dream come true. Well, almost. Be amazed by a lightweight, long wear, liquid foundation that provides medium-to-full buildable coverage. And it is able to provide all day and all night coverage.

Thanks to breathable-skin technology, L’Oreal’s latest foundation is truly infallible. Providing a smooth and flawless finish to almost every skin type, the ultra-thin liquid foundation is easy to apply. What’s its secret? The formula features oil absorbers that resist sweat and water. That means it stays on even in the most strenuous gym workouts.

Lady in gym attire doing a workout
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Best of all, the colour blends in evenly with other beauty products and colours stay true. Essentially, foundations by L’Oreal are non-comodegenic and formulated with SPF for sun protection.

Why buy? This liquid foundation is suitable for all skin types and available in 30 amazing shades for every skin tone. Finally, it’s so affordable and easily available in any drugstore nearest you.

  • Price: P650.00 on Lazada

2. Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Liquid Foundation

five bottles of liquid foundation
Image Credit: Maybelline SG | Facebook

Iconic for its makeup and cosmetics for women, Maybelline really makes it happen. In fact, it’s a brand that allows all women to reveal all facets of their beauty with products at unbeatable prices.

The magic words in Maybelline’s magical liquid foundation is ‘Fit Me’ and poreless. With 25 shades available, there is a foundation to fit every version of ‘you’, from fair to dark-skinned beauties. Next is the poreless promise as this foundation mattifies and refines pores.  The result is a natural, seamless finish that every lady wants.

woman looking sideways on white and blue wall
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Perfect for normal to oily skin, the Fit Me lightweight foundation is easy to apply and easy to wear. Especially great when skin needs extra coverage with a dewy glow to look good from inside out. Available at popular drugstores and very affordable too.

  • Price: from P319.00 on Lazada

3. Physicians Formula – The Healthy Foundation

Physicians Formula The Healthy Foundation
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Made especially for sensitive skin, Physicians Formula beauty products are conscious of the ingredients ingested via skin absorption. After all, skin health is key to a beautiful you.

No other brand does healthy like Physicians Formula with The Healthy Foundation. What makes it healthy? The key ingredients consisting of brightening complex made of Chinese Wu-Zhu-Yu extract. In addition, it has Vitamin A, C and E antioxidant blend and protective SPF 20.

Better yet, this liquid foundation is compatible with all skin types. The long wearing, buildable and breathable formula creates a lightweight, medium coverage for a satiny finish. Best of all, it is able to hydrate, brighten and improve the appearance of skin tone. Perfect for that all important date night.

Lady with make up in full leaning on hand and has gold earrings on
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Rest assured that Physicians Formula beauty products are hypoallergenic and clinically tested. So, your skin remains safe from blemishes and your heart stays worry-free. Undoubtedly pricier than average, it’s still a favourite among beauty shoppers.

  • Price: P1,350.00

4. Revlon Age Defying 3X Foundation

Revlon Age Defying 3X Foundation
Image credit: Revlon Philippines | Facebook

Revlon has always been a trendsetter in original and easily accessible beauty products for women. Ready to inspire and empower the fairer sex, this new Age Defying 3X Foundation does what it sets out to do. Defy age. Moreover, the ultimate anti-aging foundation is a moisturizer, serum and primer all in one.

Great for all skin types, it provides buildable coverage with a natural finish. Furthermore, users will be pleased with its ability to keep skin looking younger for a longer time. Thanks to its Tri-Shield Technology, the foundation has age-preventive features plus the added benefits of firming action.

When skin tones vary with age and type, Revlon provides 12 different shades of foundation. Best of all, it comes complete with SPF 20 sun protection to keep you safe from UV rays.

Lady in flowery dress under the heat and rays of the sun
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Reasonably easy to use, simply pump out the desired amount of liquid foundation and smoothen over skin.  Better yet, use a buffing foundation brush or dual sided applicator sponge to apply foundation evenly. Finally, always start at the centre of face before working outwards for complete coverage.

  • Price: from P975.00 on Lazada

5. Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation

Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation
Image credit: Lazada PH

Trust is what Rimmel stands for as the beauty brand has been in the business of self-expression since 1829. With products that express beauty and individuality, their Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation helps ladies look and feel their best.

The feather light liquid mousse foundation is the only one with airy mousse texture, rather than just liquid. Mousse foundations blurs out pores a lot better than liquid ones. Further, it blends well for flawless, natural looking skin and promises all day shine control. Offering full coverage, the foundation has a silky smooth formula for a perfectly matte, baby-soft finish.

Just as perfect is the lightweight texture that does not leave skin feeling greasy or clogged up. With 23 shades to match all skin tones, the oil free foundation reduces shine and gives skin a healthy glow.

Well made up lady in white top with heathy glow skin
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With its simple, easy to carry packaging, this foundation is ideal for travelling. Moreover, the fuss-free liquid foundation is widely popular and affordable. For those with sensitive noses, this foundation is fragrance free too. In addition to minimizing the appearance of pores, it is also able to hide minor imperfections.

  • Price: P850.00 on Lazada

How To Beauty Shop And Save

The makeup you wear doesn’t make you beautiful. They accentuate the beauty that’s already there. So, start shopping for the ultimate liquid foundation for yourself. And it does not have to cost a bomb. Most drugstore brands do just as well as the more expensive ones.

For ladies always on the go, it’s easier to shop online for beauty products on Lazada and Shopee. Keep your eyes peeled for Lazada vouchers and be rewarded with greater discounts. In addition, take advantage of Shopee vouchers and enjoy better savings.

If you can’t find what you need, try shopping on Sephora, the people’s fave online beauty shop. Keep a lookout for Sephora promo code to enjoy greater savings. Remember to go through ShopBack and earn up to 2% cashback.

Note: All information is accurate at time of publishing and subject to change prior notice.

Featured Image Credit: Maybelline SG (Facebook) & Flaunter (Unsplash)