In the Philippines, a long weekend is never complete without a family roadtrip, whether potentially traumatic or not.

Despite the mandatory awakenings at 5am to leave the house, or the incessant fights with your siblings about who gets to sit in front or by the windows, on hindsight, roadtrips make pretty awesome family-bonding memories, be it good or bad.

Recreate those memories now, but better prepared this time!

1. Adobo

Adobo doesn’t spoil easily, and tastes good when made hot or cooled to a room temperature. It’s an essential roadtrip staple that gives everyone enough energy to stay cooped up in a car. Bring on the Adobo!

2.  Sandwiches

An entire loaf of bread with fillings including ham, cheese, egg, lettuce and so on and so fourth, these were the roadtrip snacks that effectively solved random hunger pangs.

3. Piattos


Need I say more?

4. Coleman Cooler

Does this look familiar? Almost every parent has stocked up on one of these since the 80’s. If you want one to call your own, Lazada has them in spanking new colors and at an affordable price!


Get it at P1240 for 6L cooler and P1769.75 for a 12L one at Lazada!

5. Pillows


To get a good rest in the car, and if you pick comfort over cuteness, here is a list of pillows that are just perfect for you to sleep like a baby during roadtrips.

neck-restLazada Precious Herbal Pillow Memory Foam-  P357.50; (original price: P1200)neck-pillowLazada Ostrich Travel Neck Pillow – P999; (original price: P1300)

But if you’re looking for cute and quirky pillows, there’s always the significant-other pillow replacement…

lap-pillowLazada Girlfriend Pillow – P1299; (original price: P2000)arm-pillowLazada Boyfriend Pillow – P999; (original price: P2000)

Doesn’t these give you the giggles?

6.  Medicine Box

Instead of storing medicine in a plastic bag…

Use these quirky medicine boxes instead!

med-canister med-can

Get them at Lazada for only P595!

 7. Music 

Seemingly old school, bringing along CDs may actually benefit you by saving your phone’s batteries to do other stuff!

 8. Shoe-holder

The purpose of a shoe-holder in your car is to store all sorts of things when you hang it behind the seat- 

Get a simple one from Lazada at only P199!

You never have to worry about losing small items in the car!

With all these items, you never have to worry about anything else while you’re on the road! 

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