Rice cooker recipes are good for those who don’t have a very large kitchen or are simply too lazy to whip up a meal. You just have to put the ingredients in the rice cooker, switch it on, and voila!. Though the heat won’t be extremely high, here are some recipes you ought to try (rhyme unintended!). We have a few local favorites too!

Mac & Cheese

mac and cheese

Who doesn’t love macaroni and cheese? Kids do, teenagers do and we know some adults who do. It’s an easy recipe – whether you’re going to school or work, you can make it yourself using a rice cooker. The entire process takes less than an hour! You just need to cook the macaroni in chicken broth in the rice cooker and add the milk and cheese.


luggage rice cooker

Lugaw, also known as Filipino rice porridge, is the perfect bowl of comfort food for when you’re sick, or when you’re away from home. There’s nothing like some warm porridge to soothe your soul. This meal couldn’t be any easier – just add rice in the rice cooker, then get creative with the rest of the ingredients!

Hainanese Chicken

hainanese chicken rice rice cooker

The tough part is the preparation. Once you’re done with marinating and dumping all the ingredients into the rice cooker, you just have to wait – then eat. The reward of a piping hot plate of savory chicken rice is worth the effort, we promise. Refer to the full recipe at yummy.ph.

Biko (Filipino Rice Cake)


All you need is sticky rice, coconut milk and brown sugar. Usually eaten as a mid-afternoon snack or dessert, biko is traditionally served during special occasions and family gatherings. Be careful not to overcook it in the rice cooker! Make this delicious treat for yourself with the recipe from panlasangpinoy.com.

Banana Pudding in Caramel Sauce

banana pudding rice cooker

No oven, no problem – a rice cooker works just as well and creates half the mess of baking with an oven. It’s easy, try it with the recipe from bakingmakesthingsbetter.com.

Claypot Chicken Rice

claypot chicken rice

The combination of savory Chinese mushrooms and sweet Taiwanese sausages will leave an explosion of flavors in your mouth. A good one to try if you’ve run out of ideas for what to cook for dinner.

Chicken Biriyani with Saffron Cream

biriyani rice saffron cream rice cooker

Last but not least, this dish is perfect for gatherings. Impress guests and get bonus points for presentation with the bright colours in this dish. This dish doesn’t lose out on flavor either – the saffron cream complements the biryani nicely. Get the recipe on nytimes.com.

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rice cooker

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First published on June 6th 2015, last updated on June 23rd 2017.