The issue of clutter ways on every makeup addict’s mind: How do i continue collecting more eyeshadows?  Eyeshadows give our lids that bit of color that just pulls the entire makeup look together and the only thing better than one eyeshadow, is many eyeshadows. The answer to that is very simple: eyeshadow palettes. Here, we have 8 Korean eyeshadow palettes from Althea to answer our clutter woes.

eyeshadowImage credit: Annca | Pixabay

1. the SAEM: The Ham Eye Shadow Palette

the SAEM: The Ham Eye Shadow Palette

The Ham Eyeshadow Palette has 9 colors with multiple textures. The 9 colors range from pinks to browns and all of them are pigmented and long lasting. This collection of colors are suited for those who want to do a natural eyeshadow look. The price of this palette? Only P836 after ShopBack’s cashback.

2. the SAEM: Eyeshadow Palette

the SAEM: Eyeshadow Palette

From the SAEM also, this eyeshadow palette boasts 8 colors of multiple textures. Perhaps the sleek burgundy packaging of this palette appeals to you more, with a choice between a more pinkish or more brownish collection of eyeshadow colors. Choose the one you prefer and buy it for less than P723 with ShopBack’s cashback!

3. W-Lab: Pocket Shadow Palette -EDGE

W-Lab: Pocket Shadow Palette -EDGE

W-Lab prides itself for coming up with this palette with the ultimate color composition. Every shadow in this palette is usable for a variety of makeup styles and no color is redundant. These eyeshadows can be used not just on the eyes, but on the hairline, on the eyebrows, as a highlighter and as a contour powder, making it truly worth every P1330.

4. W-Lab: Pocket Shadow Palette – Daily

W-Lab: Pocket Shadow Palette - Daily

From the same company, this eyeshadow palette is also composed of practical colors that are very usable. The range of finishes range from matte, to shimmer pearl, to bling-bling glitter, to fine pearl. Added on to all the benefits of the other palette, this palette is pocket-sized at just 12cm wide and 5 cm across making it easy to bring it along with you on your day. Thanks to ShopBack’s cashback, this palette can be yours for just P1567.5

5. Apieu: For Your Shadow (Rilakkuma Edition) – How to Some

Apieu: For Your Shadow (Rilakkuma Edition) - How to Some

This compact eyeshadow pack features 4 colors of 3 different textures (matte, shimmer and glitter) to let you mix and match for the perfect eye look. The powder has a long lasting formula that will give you the most vivid colors with only your fingertips as an applicator. The cutest part is the Rilakkuma design that dominates this palette. This barely costs more than P465 with ShopBack’s cashback.

6. Missha: Triple Shadow

Missha: Triple Shadow

Talking about compact, this triple shadow range from Missha is the ultimate portable eyeshadow palette. Each pot contains 3 specially curated colors to give you the ultimate ombre eye makeup. If you are strapped for time, you can just swipe your finger horizontally across to pick up all three colors and deposit them on your eyes with just one more swipe. If you have more time to spare, you can use the thee colors separately and use your imagination to come up with your own eye looks!

7. Lizly: What a Lovely Palette

Lizly: What a Lovely Palette

This palette is always flying off the shelves and for good reason, too. The colors are pigmented and long lasting, and you can accomplish all the makeup looks you would need in a day with just this single palette. The darker shades can even be used as eyeliner! For just P380 with ShopBack’s cashback, this palette could be the one accompanying you all your days.

8. Witch’s Pouch: Shadow for Eyes

Witch's Pouch: Shadow for Eyes

This paraben-free eyeshadow palette has 4 vivid and natural colors that contain a fine pearl glitter for the most natural shimmer on your eyes. It also comes with instructions to guide your application of the four colors in the most complementary way on your eyes. If the color combination shown doesn’t appeal to you, they have 5 color combinations for you to choose from from browns, to pinks, to blues. All this can be yours for just P427.50 each after ShopBack’s cashback.

Pamper your eyelids today and get one of these eyeshadow palettes!

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