Whether it’s the super-affordable street food, fashion and accommodation; the glitzy malls and renowned night markets, or the breathtaking ancient temples and monuments, Bangkok is a tourist haven for all. As Thailand’s bustling capital, it makes for a great getaway for anyone ready for an affordable adventure.


As a popular tourist destination, Bangkok has no shortage of amenities and attractions catering to all sorts of wants and needs.  With so many hotels, hostels and B&Bs dotting the entire city, finding accommodation in Bangkok seems relatively effortless.


NOT TRUE. Actually, not everywhere is tourist-friendly, and some areas even attract indecent company. Others are simply too out-of-the-way, you’ll be wasting hours travelling to these places. Want a pleasant stay in Bangkok? Here’s 8 tips you absolutely have to know!

1. Pick a hotel that is situated close to either the BTS or MRT  


Bangkok’s roads are notoriously congested, and getting stuck in a perpetual traffic jam is the last thing any tourist wants. Thankfully, the city now boasts not only an underground transit (MRT)  , but a skytrain (BTS)  as well!


That said, it goes without saying that you should pick a hotel in close proximity to either the MRT or BTS. Air-conditioned and fairly cheap, you won’t be sweating like you would on a tuk-tuk stuck in a horde of vehicles on a dusty highway.  Most of Bangkok’s attractions and shopping districts are conveniently located near stations on both networks, making your day trips a breeze!


On Agoda.com, you can search for affordable accommodation located near these lines easily. Find rooms within your budget and local attractions nearby with just a few clicks!

2. If need be, pick a hotel with directions in Thai


Contrary to popular belief, not all of Bangkok is accustomed to English-speaking foreigners. In less touristy areas you’ll be hard-pressed to use those Thai phrases you picked up at the last minute from a guidebook. It’ll be a real headache if you can’t tell anyone the address of your accommodation in Thai. Always be sure that you have your address printed out on a piece of paper ready, or grab a name card from the hotel’s reception. This will be handy in getting you out of a language pickle.

3. Choose the right area to stay at

Like most other cities, Bangkok is complex and some parts of the city might not be ideal for certain tourists. Generally, most people will choose to stay in the central Sukhumvit area, though more discerning travelers can consider other districts.

Tourists seeking cultural sight and sounds should consider staying in the Old Siam or Khaosan area. You can find rooms under P500 in this area, like the Sawasdee Smile Inn where rooms average at only P447 per night on Expedia.com.ph!


While budget travelers should avoid the riverside and opt for a stay near Silom or Khaosan. It should be noted that Silom is also renowned for its rowdy nightlife and infamous red-light districts!

4. There’s no tipping culture in Bangkok


Like most Asian countries, tipping is not standard practice. Not that you shouldn’t tip, but a simple 20 baht to that helpful bell-boy should suffice.

5. Consider local hotel chains

slide-baiyoke-skyBaiyoke Sky Hotel, Bangkok. baiyokehotel.com

Even if you’re looking for a luxurious stay in Bangkok, there’s really no need to check into a Hilton or Marriott. Local hotel chains such as the Baiyoke group of hotels and S group of hotels are equally opulent and some are even renowned for their in-house offerings, such as the Baiyoke Sky Hotel Buffet! Most of the time, you can enjoy a similar degree of luxury for cheaper rates with local hotel chains as well!

Room rates at the Baiyoke Sky Hotel start at around P3000, whereas other accommodations under the group such as the Baiyoke Boutique Hotel starts at around P1500. Get further discounts on these room rates by checking out the latest deals on Agoda through ShopBack.ph. 

6. Be sure that your hotel is family-friendly


And I’m not just talking about whether your intended place of stay provides baby cribs, a playground or onsite babysitting.

Thailand’s less-than-glamorous reputation as a sex haven not only stems from the audacious scenes in its red-light districts, but the presence of “extra services” and spas in certain hotels as well. Most hotels will obviously sweep this under the rug, so be sure to read the reviews and ask questions before bringing the little ones there!

7. Look out for promotions for flights to Bangkok

Chinese photostheguardian.com

Bangkok’s already cheap as a travel destination, but if you want to make your trip even cheaper, you might want to consider holding out on your booking if time is on your side.

Travel sites such as Agoda and Hotels.com frequently feature Bangkok in their exclusive discounts and deals. For example, Hotels.com has daily deals offering reduced rates on rooms every day! Expedia also offers exciting packages inclusive of flight and accommodations! Keep tabs on all of them and travel to Bangkok for extra-cheap. You don’t need to constantly check-up on these sites; just sign-up with ShopBack.ph and you can find all the latest travel offers on our Best Travel Deals page. We also send you daily newsletters so that you will be the first to know about the best prices out there!

8. Consider skipping hotel meals


Seriously, you’re in a foodie’s paradise and you choose to have continental breakfast instead? Thailand’s mouthwatering street food are easy to find and really affordable. Typically sold in bite-sized portions, a single helping probably won’t fill you, which means you’ll want to try more street food!

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Featured image source: Shangri-La Hotel; ewtc.com

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