We all have that person – or perhaps even a few – whose wisdom, actions, life decisions and mere presence have such a profound influence in our life, shaping it into what it is today. They are our everyday personal heroes. People who inspire us to, as the cliché goes, do good and achieve bigger things in life. Though it’s probably not customary for us to give gifts on Philippine National Heroes’ Day, but what if there is one gift you could give your one personal hero to show him/her how much he/she is appreciated – what would it be? We asked some of our friends and we got the most interesting and heartwarming responses ever. Come take a look!

1. Travel. Not surprisingly, majority of our friends named their Mums as their personal heroes for all their sacrifices and incomparable love and care. For *Josephene, Margret and Alexandra, for example, an all-expense paid holiday in the US or Europe for their mothers is something worth saving for. 

Times Square NYC


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2.  Kindle or a brilliant must-read type of book. For those who love to read, a book by his/her favourite author or if budget permits, a brand new Kindle or other ebook reader are great gift ideas. *Eric, a recently published author and budding screenplay writer, said that he would be overjoyed to present his personal hero, Madonna, an autographed copy of his book “Princess Maryam”.



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3. Scratch Map. Here’s a unique gift idea for your travel blogger/writer/photographer friend who inspires you to go on your own jet-setting adventures – a colourful scratch-off-where-you’ve-been-map that also doubles as a fantastic wall decor.

Scratch map


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4. Dinner Coupon. For his perfectionist boss-mentor whom he credits as the reason for his inspired performance at work, *Jason thinks a dinner coupon for his family in a nice restaurant would be a great idea. Also because he can’t really afford a new set of golf clubs for him. Practical, eh?

Greeka Kouzina


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5. Spa Treatment or Beauty Makeover. Because your wonder woman mom, wife, sister, girlfriend or lady best friend deserves the occasional all-round pampering.

Tirta Boracay


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6. Smartphone. When running out of ideas for your dad, husband or favourite brother, a smartphone is probably the easiest way out. Depending on your budget, you can choose from Cherry, Samsung, Oppo, iPhone, etc. A smartphone would be perfect for those agonising hours of being stuck in Metro Manila traffic jam, if only to take selfies or go from playlist to playlist on Spotify or Apple music.



7. Customised superhero compression shirt. Or anything personalised that resonates with your everyday superhero. So you’ve decided to embark on a fitness journey and your Crossfit or running coach has been a tremendous help in keeping you strong, agile, and well on your way to achieving that coveted six-pack abs. *Carlo got this cool Under Armour superhero compression shirt for his training coach and we thought it’s pretty neat, too!



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8. Homemade DIY gift. Okay, so you’re a little low on the budget, or would like to veer away from gifts purchased online or at the mall, or if you think that your everyday superhero is a bit difficult to buy things for, then a good DIY project might just be what you’re looking for. From home cooked meals, sharpie-monogrammed mugs, candy bouquet, homemade facial mask or bath salts, etc, you can find tons of DIY ideas from Youtube or Pinterest. Take these DIY photo bookmarks, for example, which can be great gifts for your superhero lolos and lolas.

fun photo bookmarks (1)



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Featured Image source: https://oihsart.wordpress.com/