1.  Get even the last drop 


Can’t reach what’s left in a foundation bottle? Cut it open and you’ll be able to get the remnants waaaay inside the bottle. You’ll be able to get all the product you might be missing out on.

2. Look up, down, and around


Physical make-up stores place the most expensive products at eye level, which explains why you notice the nicer, more glamorous products first. (This applies to supermarkets too!) Customers often direct their gaze at eye level. So be sure to look above and below for a product’s cheaper counterparts. You’ll be able to find another version of that Chanel eyeliner that’s cheaper but equal in quality!

3.  Add rubbing alcohol to fix broken make-up

We all have, at one point of our lives, dropped a pricey eyeshadow or compact powder and shattered it, and then laid down on the floor and mourned for our wallets.


Now, you don’t have to cry! Here are the steps for fixing your broken compact powder or eyeshadow:

  1. Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol (you can get cheap rubbing alcohol from eBay) until it has been absorbed completely.
  2. Mix the broken powder/make-up with your finger / flatten it out until it becomes creamy and even.
  3. Leave it overnight for the alcohol to evaporate.


It’ll be good for use the next day! You can’t expect it to be as flawless as before you dropped it but at least you can continue using your expensive product.

Either that, or scrape the remnants of the product into a tiny jar/box and you can continue using it. Just don’t throw it away if you want to save money!

4.  Sign up for newsletters

If you don’t mind getting newsletters (not spam) in your email, check out cosmetic brands like Luxola. Newsletters will inform you of special offers, flash sales and discounts! Coupons and details will also be included in the newsletters, so if you want to be in the know of best deals, check out Luxola. 

zalora-nl luxola-nl

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5.  Save yourself a trip to the hairdresser

The internet has so many tutorials and videos for you to learn from – why not D.I.Y.? 


That said, if you really can’t master a good hairdo for the dinner you have to attend this week and you really don’t have the cash to spare, don’t fret. Groupon has discounts on hair services at salons, starting from only ₱549!

Check out salon offers on Groupon with this link!

6.  Buy a palette instead of several different blushers

Reason? You save money.


Take a 3CE blusher for instance. One of that costs ₱870.


Alternatively, this ZOEVA Face Contour Palette from Luxola costs ₱1,171.50 – it has 6 colors in one palette and can double up as powder, blush, or for contouring.

Do the Math: 6 of 3CE’s blushers = ₱5,220.

Conclusion: look for palettes instead of individual colours. Unless you’re a brand-freak who really, really can’t stand using different brands and you are willing to spend that money, go ahead. But if your goal is to save money on your cosmetic buys, expand your options!

Get both these products and more from Luxola!

7.  Less high-end brands work exactly the same

The only difference between a high-end brand and a less high-end one is the price. I mean of course, don’t expect a ₱200 lipstick to last as long as a ₱2000 one – but you get my drift. There are lesser-known products out there that work exactly the same as a well-known, expensive brand.


Here is a Cocoon Lip Stain, which costs ₱992.80. It is said to be kiss-proof and water-proof.


And here, you have Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack, at only ₱293.60 from Sasa. It functions exactly the same way as the Cocoon Lip Stain, so you might want to consider this instead.

8.  Lesser-known brands are cheaper

Brands like Wet-n-Wild Cosmetics are slightly more affordable because they save on packaging and advertising. But their products are as good as any other brand you find on Luxola.


Look at this gorgeous lippy color that doesn’t cake, feather, or bleed, and feels comfortable. And it’s only ₱231 on Luxola! Its long-lasting, good quality has garnered many positive reviews, which goes to say that a lesser-known brand can be on par with other brands.

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Featured image source: imgkid.com

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